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You! Have you ever thought that paying for AdGuard license is unfair and overpriced? Have you ever wanted to get AdGuard Premium APK for free and without purchasing it? AdGuard Free License might be just what you need! By Downloading the latest version of AdGuard premium Modded application from our website , you can get a premium AdGuard account for free.
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01 February 2022
Android 2.2+
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Are you sick of intrusive ads and online tracking? Are you worried about malware infecting your computer? Do you want to make your web surfing faster and more comfortable? If so, AdGuard Premium MOD APK is the right tool for you!

Adguard Premium MOD for Android

AdGuard Premium is a fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand way to get rid of intrusive ads and online tracking. It increases your security by guarding against malware and phishing attempts. It makes your web surfing faster, more comfortable, and safer! With AdGuard Premium, you can forget about all those pesky popups, ads, banners and other online annoyances. Internet browsing will be faster and more pleasant. And it’s not just the free version of AdGuard that does all that: the best thing about AdGuard Premium is that it expands the possibilities so much further. AdGuard Personal, free version, is limited to blocking only ads in browsers, but with AdGuard Premium MOD you can install our ad blocker on every device you own!

AdGuard Premium doesn’t require any technical knowledge or complicated configuration. Just install the given apk file from the given link and run it once (to setup the program), then forget about it — AdGuard Premium MOD will automatically protect you wherever you go on the Internet!

This application protects users from all kinds of threats, including malware, phishing websites and malicious ads. It do this by using three layers of protection: filtering (which removes unwanted content before it even reaches your device), app protection (which prevents malicious programs from accessing your sensitive data) and VPN (which encrypts your browsing traffic to prevent third parties from snooping on you).

Adguard Premium MOD 2022 APK- Main Features

The main features of AdGuard Premium MOD APK are as follows-

  • Ads blocking- AdGuard Premium is a powerful adblocker that blocks all advertising on websites and in apps, including Facebook, YouTube, and others. It also protects you from malicious sites.
  • Malware protection- AdGuard Premium can block or remove any unwanted software. For example, it can be used to prevent browser hijackers, malware or even ransomware.
  • Web filters- This Modded application can block any content by its source. For example, you can allow only reliable and secure websites while blocking access to scam sites or other harmful pages. You can also use the special function for children to filter out adult sites.
  • AdGuard Premium offers unique features like AdGuard Parental Control and Adguard Assistant that

Why AdGuard Premium MOD is Safe for Your Smartphone?

AdGuard is a unique security app that protects you from harmful apps, phishing, and malicious sites. Unlike antivirus/anti-malware apps, AdGuard does not block any app by default. It gives you total control of your phone by allowing you to allow apps, block apps, or use the default behavior for apps that aren’t on the blocklist (all without root access).


So, with all of this in mind, we give AdGuard Premium for Android our highest possible rating. The program is actively and intelligently protecting your device against threats as we speak. You can forget about online privacy issues and any other worries you might have, because you’re protected from the source. We highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to protect their mobile device.

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