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Have you been wondering what the new Acrobat Reader app is all about? Do you want to know how you can scan documents live and save them into your phone with one tap even while they are open? Do you want to download the latest updated Adobe Acrobat Reader TV right now? If yes then click on the given download link and go through this article deeply.
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09 August 2022
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Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)

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Whether you are a student at school taking notes, or a business person running on tight schedule and do not have time to type everything in your computer, a high-tech scanner is what you need.  Even if you use a tablet, the application that is installed with your device could not be sufficient to handle the amount of documents to scan that you need. This is one of the reasons why I recommend Acrobat Reader for Android.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android

The new Acrobat Reader Android app is a free download for all Adobe Creative Cloud members. The app is a scan-to-PDF tool that can be used to save documents that are already open on your phone. Adobe has released a new version of its Acrobat Reader for Android, which now allows users to scan and save documents that are already open on their phones. The feature was previously available only on iOS devices, but Adobe has now brought it over to Android as well in hopes of increasing productivity on mobile devices.

The latest version of the Acrobat Reader app also comes with support for AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, allowing users to send scanned files directly from their Android device to their printer without having to use any other software or hardware solutions. The app also features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality and lets you crop images before saving them as PDF files.

The app is compatible with any device running Android 4.4 or higher, including devices with an ARM processor, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and HTC One M9+. To use the scanner feature, simply tap on the Scan icon at the bottom of your screen, then place your document on top of your device’s camera lens. The app will automatically detect whether or not it’s a business card, receipt or other types of document, before converting it into a digital file.

Adobe Acrobat Reader APK- Main Features

  • View PDFs: You can open a PDF document from your desktop or e-mail and view it on screen just like any other document.
  • Use the magnifying glass tool to zoom in on specific areas of a PDF document. Use this tool to magnify the text by 200% or more if you want to read the fine print on a document.
  • Use the navigation tools to move around quickly through large documents with many pages. When you reach an area of interest in a long document, double-click on that section to zoom in for a closer examination of the text or graphics.
  • Read Text on Screen: If you have difficulty reading small print because of vision problems, reduce its size using one of several custom settings available under Tools > Preferences > Reading tab > Fonts & Colors subtab > Smaller Font Size dropdown list box.
  • Search text: Find words within your document by typing them directly into the search box. The results will include every instance of the word, even if it’s inside an image or other object.
  • Highlight important information: Make notes on your documents using highlighting tools that let you select colours, choose styles, and add text boxes. This feature is especially helpful when reading technical docs or presentations with lots of bullet points.
  • Create bookmarks: Bookmark important pages so you can return to them later without having to scroll through the entire document again. You can also view bookmarks from any system that has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.


So, that’s a look at the new Acrobat Reader app for Android. As you can see, it’s a much easier way to handle some of your reading material when you’re on the go and have limited time. Accessing all your documents from one, the easy-to-use app makes a whole lot of sense— so if you have never used Acrobat Reader on mobile before, I would recommend giving it a try.

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