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The Adobe Scan scanner android application turns your device into a mobile scanner that can recognize text automatically, saving scans in multiple file formats, including PDF and JPEG. So, if you are searching for a powerful Scanner tool for your android smartphone and want to download it right now, then click on the download link and grab world's best Adobe Scan App for Free.
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23 July 2022
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Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24) and up

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Scanning documents and photos has never been easier or more convenient than with the help of an app called “Adobe Scan”. Imagine no longer having to rely on a flatbed scanner just to get a document into your computer — especially when you have a smartphone with you at all times. The process is simple, efficient, and available to anyone with a smartphone!

The Adobe Scan for Android

Adobe Scan is a free android app that allows you to scan documents and photos on your Android device. The app supports both color and black and white scanning. The app provides a fast and easy way to digitize many different types of paper-based information. You can use Adobe Scan to save your scanned documents as JPEG or PDF files, or send them directly to your email account.

The Adobe Scan interface is simple and intuitive, so even novice users should be able to get started right away. To start scanning, simply open the app, press the large green button in the center of the screen, then hold your phone over a document or photo. The app will automatically detect what you’re trying to scan based on its contrast with the surrounding environment (white pages are ideal). If it’s not clear enough for recognition, you can move it around until the edges of your document are visible but still not too dark or light.

Adobe Scan 2022- Main Features

  • Fast scanning– Scan multiple pages quickly with automatic cropping and naming options.
  • Automatic Edge Detection – automatically detects the edges of your document for more accurate scans with no manual work required.
  • Multiple File Formats – save in JPEG or PDF format for easy sharing with others.
  • Email Output – easily send your scan as an attachment via email from within the app.
  • Scanner Integration. You can scan directly into Adobe Scan using your device’s built-in camera or an external camera.
  • Scanning Presets– Choose from a variety of presets, including color, grayscale, black & white and more for different types of documents and photos.
  • Color Detection– The application automatically detects whether your image is black-and-white or color and adjusts accordingly;
  • Image Enhancement Tools- Improve the quality of your scanned images with brightness, contrast, hue and saturation adjustments, crop and rotate tools, as well as red eye correction.
  • Document Editing Tools– Add text to any document using a variety of fonts and styles; insert pictures into your document; add borders around your scans; create multiple pages in one document; add dates or other metadata to your documents; apply color filters to enhance the quality of scanned photos; remove backgrounds from images using the magic wand tool; convert images into PDFs or JPGs; merge multiple scans into one file; convert PDFs into editable formats like Word files.
  • Multi-page scanning- If you want to scan more than one page at once, Adobe Scan allows you to do this. All you need to do is put the pages on top of each other, then press the “Scan” button on the screen. You’ll be able to see a preview of all pages before they are saved as a single document in your photo gallery or emailed to another person;


All in all, Adobe Scan is a great scanning app that enhances the slew of built-in android apps that can already scan basic documents. The compatibility with other formats, including Photoshop and Acrobat, is also an added bonus for those looking for ways to manipulate or edit their scanned papers after capturing them. If you’re already a Creative Cloud subscriber, however, the free PDF capabilities built into Adobe Acrobat Capture should fit your needs more appropriately.

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