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Blaze of Battle Strategy Android Game is a free download. Grab the game and start playing today! Download now!
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29 June 2022
Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
143.5 MB

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Blaze of Battle Android

Blaze of Battle is a Strategy Based Android Game developed by LeyiGames. The game consists of two different elements, the first one being a Card Game where players collect as many cards as they can and unleash a wide variety of devastating combos to defeat their opponent. The second one being an Action Game where players use their cards to battle against each other in real-time. The Game is having attractive graphics, inspired by the Romance of The Three Kingdoms. It features a variety of character cards, troop cards, and equipment cards that enable to construct a dynamic and powerful team. In addition to the original single player mode and ranked duels, there is also an exciting online PVP mode. In this game the player will command an elite squad of soldiers and lead them through dangerous missions that will test their fighting skills under the toughest conditions. The main objective of the game is to lead your army to victory against the enemy forces, and climb your way up the military ranks.

Blaze of Battle App- Main Features

  • Make and customize their own City in Tons of ways.
  • To overwhelm your foes, create an armed force that outnumbers them.!
  • You can direct your Dragon to lead your army to ultimate victory.
  • Summon a variety of skilled knights to raze lands and fight for your glory.
  • In Blaze of Battle, you can fight an online player community of over 6 million.
  • Join an Alliance and compete in weekly wars against rival Alliances!
  • In-game real-time chat lets you strategize with other players.
  • Conduct research to boost your city’s development.
  • Forge powerful equipment for your Dragoon to enhance its combat skills. Recruit and train commanders to fill key battlefield positions.
  • Brutal monsters roam the land, and adventurers can defeat them for rare equipment ingredients.
  • Participate in special events to earn valuable rewards each day.

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