5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Home in USA & European Countries

These days we hardly get any time to do those household chores properly and one of the most important things is to clean the mess up. Earlier were the days when you had to all these things on your own but now with such advanced technology, everything has become so simple for us. One such amazing thing is Robot Vacuum Cleaner which helps you to clean the floor easily with its intelligent programming.

5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Home in USA & European Countries [2021]

Here we are giving you a list of 5 best robot cleaners that are available in USA and Europe.

Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • This one comes with an advanced intelligent vision which helps it to clean properly with really smart sensors.
  • The manufacturer has also added mobile video surveillance feature to it which is for those people who are not that often at home so that they can keep an eye on what is happening back at home.
  • You can also control this device with Alexa which makes it quite convenient for you to do things.
  • It comes with really powerful cleaning of 3000 Pa and there are six side brushes which ensures that every corner is clear.
  • It has been priced around $200 USD.

Shark IQ Robot

  • This one comes with a huge capacity and is capable of cleaning the house for up to 2 hours continuously. It comes with extremely powerful suction that is having a deep-cleaning power.
  • Self-cleaning brushes have been used in this one that prevents all the pet hairs or long hairs to get stuck inside.
  • There is a special voice control that helps you to clean the house more efficiently aa you will be able to target specific areas. This is powered with both Alexa and Google Assistant, making it highly convenient.
  • You will see a special home mapping feature that maps the complete home or the area that you wish to clean.
  • It has been priced around $400 USD.

iRobot Roomba

  • iRobot Roomba comes with a premium 3-stage cleaning system that helps you to properly clear dirt and mess around.
  • There is special vSLAM navigation, that helps the device to take a proper layout of your home and clean easily and efficiently.
  • Smartest technologies have been used here that suggests you which area to clean, automatically.
  • It consists of dual multi-surface rubber brushes that prevents pet hairs or long hairs from get tangled with the device.
  • It has been priced around $600 USD.

Eufy BoostIQ Robo Vac 11S

  • There is highly powerful 1300Pa Max Vacuuming Power that helps you clean all the mess and dust in no time.
  • Comes with a special ultra-thin design which makes it look quite attractive and also saves a lot of space as compared to those bulky ones.
  • Offers extremely quite cleaning that anyone won’t even notice if its on or not.
  • It has been priced somewhere around $230 USD.

iRobot Roomba 675

  • It comes with a special schedule cleaning that helps you to clean your home in a really smart way. Choose this option for effortless cleaning everyday.
  • There is a 3-stage cleaning system along with dual multi-surface brushes to clean everything properly.
  • Here you will see excellent voice over with Alexa and Google Assistant that helps to make things more easy and convenient for you.
  • Comes with really powerful sensors which helps it to clean thoroughly at those areas where it detects more dirt.
  • This one has been priced around $370 USD.

Get your hands on any of these robot cleaners for effortless and smart cleaning.

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