Best Free Grammarly Alternatives

While writing an article or any other thing, even a single sentence, grammar plays the most important role. Earlier the things were different but these days it has become quite easy as there are a lot of apps that help us to check grammar. One of the best in the market is Grammarly as it provides precise results. However, a lot of people tend to search for its alternatives because they do not want to spend their money on its subscription.

Here we are going to tell you best free alternatives for Grammarly –

1. ProWritingAid
2. LanguageTool
3. Ginger


When it comes to the best tool to correct your grammatical mistakes for free, ProWritingAid is among those few apps that provide you with the best experience of using such apps. Here are all the things that this app offers you –

  • Checks all the grammatical error and spelling mistakes in your text.
  • Helps the users to improve their writing style to a very great extent by giving them proper suggestions.
  • These days, one of the major points for any content writer is that their text should be readable. With ProWritingAid, you easily make your text readable.
  • It also provides a complete summary to the users by pointing out all the errors and mistake in their text.


If you are searching for a completely identical alternative to Grammarly, then you guys can also go for LanguageTool. This app works quite similar to Grammarly and offers the similar kind of features as well, some of them are –

  • LanguageTool is completely easy to use and is completely similar to Grammarly and it also provides you a feature to check the text of total 28 different languages.
  • The users can easily use the Chrome extension of the app is it makes it quite easier for the users to check spelling and grammar of their text.
  • All the mistakes in your text will be highlighted by an underline of different color under your text.
  • The users will also be able to improve the readability of their text with the help of LanguageTool.


Last but not least is Ginger. This app is for all those people out there who simply want to check the grammatical mistakes of their text generally and not for work purposes. This is more light as compared to the previous ones. Some of the features that you will find out in this super amazing app are –

  • Ginger is having an extension for both Chrome and Safari browser which means that both Android and iOS device users can use this app.
  • It also offers you a translation tool that helps the users to easily translate their text to any other language. There are more than 60 different languages in with you can translate your text.
  • Ginger also acts like a dictionary for you guys. Whenever you do not understand the meaning of any word, Ginger will help you by providing a complete definition of the word. You can simply double-click on any word that you do not understand and it will provide you with the definition.

These were three of the best alternatives of Grammarly that you guys can use without thinking twice. These tools are meant to improve the overall quality of your text and to make it more presentable by removing grammatical errors. You can try out any one of these and the best thing is that all of these are completely free to use.

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