Dead Cells Game will be Available on Android | APK Release Date

Rouge like games are not something new as there are a lot of games of this genre. This article is about another such game of genre roguelike-Metroidvania where you will be taking the role of a slime-like character. The game is Dead Cells and it has been developed and published by Motion Twin. Well, there is no need to introduce about motion twin as it is very well known to have published and developed such amazing games. The game was released back in August 2018 for the various platform but it has not been released for android yet. To this, the developer has announced that now it’s Android turn and is expected to be released for the platform on June 03, 2020, which is great news for all the Android gamers

Here in the game you will be taking a role of slime-like creature and you will enter into a corpse. You will have various weapons and tools here in order to defeat and defend. The player will have to explore the whole area to have an idea about everything and to find out various resources which will help him out. It has been revealed by the developers that the game has been inspired by a famous video game namely, The Binding of Issac. It is going to be a great experience of playing an action game.

Dead Cells Game Latest Features

Here are few characteristics of the game –

  • Intense action – You will get indulged into an intense action game where you will be fighting battle with enemies in order to attain victory.
  • Amazing animation and effects – The developers have developed this game with some really interesting and attractive animation which make is stunning among all. Along with this there are amazing effects which will give you an everlasting experience.
  • Unique gameplay – You will also experience a completely unique gameplay that you must have not seen before. There are a lot of amazing things that you will get to explore in this game.
  • Various levels – There will be many various and interesting levels in the game and to win the game you must have to reach all these levels and pass then successfully. In each level you will see something different and this is just to keep you interested throughout the game with all these levels.
  • Attractive landscapes – You will encounter some highly attractive landscapes which will simply attract you towards it. Along with this there will be various hidden passages as well which will increase your curiosity while playing.

Here all you will have to do is to make your unique strategies and kill your enemy because there is not any other way to it. Wait for its release on the android platform and till then stay updated with us.

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