Download and Install Z3x Box Driver | Latest Update 2021

Drivers are key for every tool which act as a link between the tool and the device. Z3x Box Driver is a set of drivers that features a Serial port driver and a Smart card driver for computers. With the help of Z3x Box, you can repair a device that may cause software difficulties. It also allows Samsung and LG phone users to customize their devices. This article also includes your solution on how you can install Z3x Box Driver. 

If you are willing to fix errors then you definitely need this Z3x Box Driver. 


If you are unable to connect Z3x Box with your computer or your Z3x box is not detecting phones then you have to install Z3x USB drivers and Smart card drivers so that you can improve connections. Z3x Box Driver also helps in Sharing of data. It provides multiple things, apart from connectivity and sharing it can also charge phones. 

Download Z3x Box Driver | Latest Version 2021

Features of Z3x Box Driver

Some of the key features of the Z3x Box Driver are – 

  • Easy and Free to Install– You can easily download and install the Z3x Box Driver without paying anything from the link given below. 
  • Simple Connectivity – The driver helps in connecting quickly in a simple and effective way. 
  • Less Space Required – The driver is small in size around 2MB is required which will not use much space. 
  • Supports Multiple Pperating Systems – It supports almost all versions of windows.   
  • Support Smartphones – It connects several Samsung & LG devices for customization.


Most of the Windows versions support the Z3x Box driver.

The platforms that support Z3x Box Driver are –

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista 

The above mention platform with 32/64bit operating system supports the Z3x Box Driver.

How to Install Z3x Box Drivers

Let’s take a look at how to install Z3x Box Drivers –

  • Download the Z3x Box driver and smart card driver from the given link.
  • Transfer the downloaded drivers to your PC. 
  • Now extract the ‘VER2’ zip file.
  • Using the cables connect the Z3x box to the computer.
  • Open the ‘Start’ menu and then open ‘Device Manager’ you can also open ‘Device Manager’ by searching. 
  • Under ‘Device Manager’ expand the ‘Other Devices’ section.
  • Click the ‘USB Serial Port’.
  • Now, select ‘Update Driver Software’.
  • Tab on ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.
  • Then click ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’.
  • Keep the pointer on ‘Show All Devices’, then click ‘Next’.
  • Then click ‘Have Disk’ and ‘Browse’.
  • Now, locate the ftdiport.inf file inside the extracted VER2 folder. 
  • Click on ‘Open’ then ‘OK’.
  • Select ‘Z3x Box Serial Port’ under Model and then click on ‘Next’.
  • This will now install the Z3x box driver.

If you also want to install a Smart card driver then follow these steps – 

Steps to Install a Smart card driver?

  • Find out the downloaded Z3x & Smart Card driver application. 
  • Now RUN this application.
  • Install the driver.
  • This will install the driver to the default location and will help in detecting devices.

That’s all! This is how easily you can install the Z3x Box Drivers on your PC. Now you can enjoy connecting and sharing through Z3x Box Drivers and have an ultimate experience. 

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