How to access Play Store on the Chromecast with Google TV?

These days you will see that most of the TVs are Android TV and majority of people prefer to buy smart TV. The reason behind this is that these TVs opens the door to innovation and variety and you can easily watch anything by connecting it to your wifi connection. When it comes to Android TV, Google TV is one of the most popular software that people generally wish to use. It gives a completely amazing experience of watching and browsing content to the Smart TV users. Even though it is one of the best software for smart TV, a lot of users are unable to have full access to the Play Store.

It is very necessary to have full access to the Play Store because it adds a lot more feature to it. Full access to the play store helps the users to manage their existing apps and check for updates. Along with this, they will also be able to change the settings as per their preferences.

Here are some ways through which you will be able to have full access to the Google Play Store on the Chromecast with Google TV –


  • Google Assistant – Here the most common and the easiest way to have full access to the Play Store is Google Assistant. You just have to tap the Assistant button on the remote of your Google TV and then say “Play Store”. That is it, it will automatically open the Play Store for you and you will have full access to it.


  • Button Mapping – For those who wish to have a one button access to the Play Store can try Button Mapping. Although this method requires a little bit of setup but it is not that tricky as you might think it to be. Here are the steps to use button mapping:
  • The first step here will be to download Button Mapper and install it on to your Smart TV.
  • After this, you will have to open the Button Mapper and choose the button that you want for your Play Store.
  • Now the final step is to double tap the button that you have chosen and then choose Play Store from the drop-down menu.

Once this is done, you can easily have access to the Play Store with one single button.


  • App Settings – This is another method through which you can have access to your Play Store. Here you will have to open the side panel of your Chromecast and then simply head to the settings. In the settings go to the apps and head to “see all apps”. Here you will see Google Play Store and you can easily open it from here.

Try any of these three methods on your Chromecast and have full access to your Google Play Store.

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