How to Add Menu Bar in Google Chrome Browser

Google is more like a saviour for all of us as we can find whatever we want with the help of Google. It is like a one-stop solution for most of our needs. As we know that Google has a wide variety of products and services that we all have been using, one of the most used one is its Chrome browser. Google Chrome is one of the most popular search engines across the world and billions of people are using it because of its outstanding performance.

Even though the browser is extremely brilliant and favourite one of most of the people, a lot of people are facing some issues with the menu bar of the browser. This is not some big problem as you can easily fix this issues within minutes.

In most of the devices other than the Google ones, there is a need to install Chrome browser as it is not pre-installed in them. So first and foremost step has to be the installation of Chrome browser on to your device.

After the installation, there are several steps that will help you to get your toolbar back on your Chrome browser. There are two different menus, extensions menu and bookmarks menu and the steps for both of the are different.

Add Menu bar in Chrome

Here are steps for getting the extensions menu on your Chrome browser –

  • First step will be to open the Chrome browser on your device and look for the three vertical dots which you will find on the top right of your browser’s window.
  • By clicking on those dots, a menu will pop up in which you will have to select the “more tools” option.
  • By clicking on more tools, another menu will appear in which you need to find the option of extensions.
  • After this you will have to find all those extensions that you wish to see on your menu and its done.

Bookmarks Menu back on the chrome browser

Now comes the bookmarks menu, here are few steps to get you bookmarks menu back on the chrome browser-

  • Here also you need to open your Chrome browser and click those three vertical dots only.
  • By clicking on those three dots, a drop down menu will occur where you will have to find the Bookmarks option and click on it.
  • By clicking on the bookmarks option, another menu will occur where you need to find the “show bookmarks bar”. By clicking on this option, you will have access to all those bookmarks that you have saved which you weren’t able to before.

Try out these simple steps to get the menu back on your Chrome browser. This simply going to make things a lot more convenient for you which were not there before.

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