How to Change the Alert Sound (Notifications) on Mac?

In any device that we use, the developers have provided different type of alerts which tells us about whatever new thing is happening in our device. Be it a new notification, any new update or anything else, we get an alert sound. However, we get really irritated at times when our device keep beeping continuously. Here in this article we will tell you how you can change the alert sounds as per your choice in Mac.

You can not only change the alert sounds but you can also manage them according to you. Mac allows you to change the settings of alert sound and you can change its volume as well. Here are several steps through which you can do this –

  1. Here the first step will be to open your Mac PC and go to the Apple menu that will be on the front screen only.
  2. In the apple menu, go to the “System Preferences” option and search for “Sound” inside it.
  3. Now in the sound section you will see sound effects and from here you will be able to do the changes in the alerts and its sounds.

Here are the following changes that you can make in alerts –

  • Manage how you can hear alerts – This is the option that will help you to hear the sound effects from either internal speakers of your Mac or other external speakers as well. Now if you wish to choose any external speaker here is a method through which you can do this –
    1. First of all you will have to go to the sound effects and there a menu will pop-up.
    2. In the menu search for “play sound effects through” option and there you can choose search for the external player through which you wish to play the sound effects.
  • Adjust Volume – This is one of the most important feature that Mac provides you as this will help you to adjust the volume. Here you will see one Alert Volume Slider which will help you to adjust the volume as per your choice. This will also change your computer’s volume accordingly.
  • User Interface Sound Effects – Mac is having a special user interface sound which plays whenever you perform any action. Even though some people find this feature to be very useful but there are few who believes that this gets quite irritating at times or they simply don’t want to hear one. For this, here are steps through which you can easily manage these sound effects –
    1. For this, go to the “sound effects” option that you’ll find in the Sound option.
    2. Now here you will see the option of “play user interface sound effects”. There will be a tick-box in front of that option and you can tick or untick as per your preferences.
  • Startup Sound – The startup sound of Mac is quite soothing and most of the people love that startup chime. For all those who want to hear that sound whenever they start their mac can follow these steps –
    1. Here also, your first step will be to go to the sound effects option.
    2. Now find “play sound on startup” option and click on that to hear this sound.

These are the few simple steps that anyone can follow to change the alert sounds on their Mac.

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