How to Change Your Profile Image with Google Illustrations?

Do want to change Your Profile Image with Google Illustrations? If yes then go through this article deeply.

Recently, Google has added a cool, colourful and expressive feature to customize your Google profile icon using Google Illustrations. Users have access to a wide range of categories like nature, travel, places and much more. Currently, this feature is for android users and not for iOS users. According to the officials in the upcoming days, it will be available in iOS also. It is a very simple, easy and quick process to customise your icon.

Levgeniia Zhovtobriukh from Google said this while introducing a new feature with the world, “To give everyone more safe, creative and personalized options for profile pictures, we are introducing new Google Illustrations. Google Illustrations are a group of images that can be customized easily according to the will of users and users can also design the profile image of their own choice and then represent them across Google products.” 

Steps to Change Your Profile Image with Google Illustrations-

The process is fun yet simple to change the profile image with Google Illustrations. Let’s start our tour to change profile image with Google Illustrations –

Step 1: Navigating

  1. Begin with opening Gmail or any other Google app to change your Google profile icon.
  2. To open your account, select your current Google profile icon from the top right corner. (In case you have not uploaded an image before then, a default letter with the solid colour background will appear). 
  3. To open your profile picture, click on the photo icon.
  4. Then you can either click on “Change” or “Add profile picture”.

Now, you will be directed to view illustrations automatically with Google Photos and Device Photos.

Step 2: Selecting

  • You can browse from the wide range of images available by category.
  • You can also search for any particular images like nature, food, animals, travel, cities, places and much more.
  • Now, select the image that you like the most and want it to be set as your profile pictures.
  • After selecting the image of your choice, you can edit your illustration.

If you want to choose any other image, you can tap on the back option and you will lose all the editing that you might have performed without saving.

Step 3: Customising

You can also customise your selected image as per your preference.

  • Colour palette can be modified with four different default palettes.  
  • Colours can be adjusted individually by selecting specific parts of the image.
  • Using the simple pinch and drag function, you can easily resize, crop and reposition the selected image.
  • Now save the changes to set your customised profile icon.

That’s all! This is how easily and effortlessly you can set your customised profile picture using Google Illustration. You can edit and customise it multiple times until you get satisfied with the image you want. Many users have already tried this fun process. So, why don’t you? Use the steps mentioned in the article and make your own profile image with Google Illustrations.

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