How to create Drop Cap in Google Docs?

Do you want to create a Drop Cap in Google Docs? If yes then you are at the right location.

While reading online, or even offline you must have seen that the first letter of a paragraph is quite big as compared to the whole text. Well, this is what we call Drop Cap. It is quite easy to add this feature in Microsoft Word but when it comes to Google Docs, it gets quite difficult. Here in this article, we will tell you how you guys can create a drop cap in Google Docs without facing any kind of difficulty.

Steps to Create Drop Cap in Google Docs

Here are the steps to do this –

  1. Here your first step will be to sign in to your Google account from Google Docs official website. This will be a most obvious like you usually do to sign in on to your Google account.
  2. After signing in, you need to open the document in which you wish to create a drop cap. In case you don’t have any then you need to create a new document here. After creating the document, type a paragraph. Now you need to take your cursor to the first letter of the paragraph or your text.
  3. Now go to the Tools bar and click on “Insert” from there. Once you click on insert, it will open up a short drop-down menu and from that menu, you need to choose “Drawing” and create a new one.
  4. After this step, the drawing window will open and on the top-left corner, you will the “actions” option. Once you click on this, it will open a menu and from that menu, you have to select “Word Art”.
  5. This will now open up another window for Word Art, now you will have to enter the letter for your Drop Cap and then press Enter key.
  6. Now the letter will appear in the Drawing window and you will be able to customise it the way you like from the different options available there. You will be able to change the font, size, pattern and many other things of the letter with the options available there.
  7. Once you finish editing, you need to click on “Save and Close” so that the letter will appear on your document.

How to Wrap the text around the Drop Cap?

Here is how you guys will be able to wrap the text around the Drop Cap that you created –

  1. When you finish editing the drop cap, you will see that it will appear automatically in the line of your text. Now if you wish to use this as it is then you can but if you wish to make it more natural, then follow the next steps.
  2. Now you need to click on the text and a toolbar will appear underneath your letter. From there you will be able to edit it according to your text.
  3. In the toolbar, you will see an option for “Wrap Text” and once you click on it, it will automatically adjust according to your text.
  4. After this, you can also adjust the size of your drop cap from the box that appears around the letter and drag it from the corner. You can make it the way you like it according to your text and you are all set.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you guys will be able to easily create Drop Caps in your Google Docs. This will make your document look even more attractive and professional.

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