How to Dry Out a Wet Phone? Save & Fix your Phone

These days we all completely rely upon our mobile phones for most of the things and take them wherever we go. It happens a lot when water falls on your mobile phone or maybe our phone falls into the water. Even though most of the expensive phones out there comes with water-resistant feature but most of the phones does not come with one. Well, there is nothing to worry about as here we are providing you with some tips through which you will be able to know how to dry out a wet phone.

Well before going further, the first step will be to retrieve the phone as soon as possible. Pick it up from the water in no time to make sure that the damage done is minimum. As soon as you bring your device out of water, you need to switch it off. In case your phone comes with a removable battery then remove the battery as well.

How to fix a water damaged phone?

Now here are few possible options that you can try out to dry out your wet phone –

  1. If your phone has not been submerged into the water, you can try to dry it out wipe the water with a clean towel. Remove sim card, MicroSD, or any other removable thing on your device and dry it out carefully. Sometimes, when the phone is not wet from the inside, this wiping out technique works nicely.
  2. You must have heard a lot about the rice trick to dry out a wet phone. Despite being quite popular, this method does not work great. However, the users can try it out by wrapping the phone in a paper towel and then put it inside a bag full of rice.
  3. Another excellent solution to dry out a wet phone is desiccant packets. You will get these bags whenever you purchase a pair of shoes or a bag or anything else. You can store those white packets you get with a new item, in a box. To use these packets for drying out a wet phone, you can place these packets in an air tight container and put your phone inside that container. Wait for around 24 to 48 hours to see the better results.
  4. There are several ready made solutions as well that are meant for this purpose only. You can purchase those and whenever your phone or any other electronic device gets wet, you can place the device into that solution and it will completely dry out the water from your device.

These were some of the methods that you can try out at your home to dry out your mobile phone. However, always remember that if the damage is to much to be cured at home, you have to go to the mobile repair shop to get the job done.

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