How to Embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs Document

Do you want to Embed a Contact card in your Google Docs Document? If yes then you are at the right location. Just follow the given steps.

Recently, you guys must have seen that there have been huge increase in the usage of Google Docs especially at work places. Now when you are working on Google Docs, one of the most amazing feature is contact card which helps you to do a lot of things from inside the document only. Earlier, one can only add the contact card in the comment section of Google Docs but now the things have changed. Google Docs has introduced the feature through which one can easily add a contact card directly in the document.

First of all, you must know that what are the uses of a contact card embedded in Google Docs. Once you’ve entered it, you can anytime scroll down to it and see the contact details of the person whose contact card is there. Not only this, Google Docs provide you some other features as well that helps the users to do a lot more than just seeing the contact details. When you tap on the contact card, it will open a Smart Chip which is a tiny window that open right below the contact card. In this Smart Chip, you will see that many options are available that you can use. You can add that person’s contact to your contact list. Along with this, you will also have an ability to schedule an event, start a video call or a chat, or send an email to that person from inside the document only. This feature has made things a lot more easier for all the Google Docs users out there.

Steps to Embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs Document

Now, we are going to tell you guys that how you can embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs Document in a few simple steps –

  1. First of all, open the Google Docs document in which you wish to add the contact card. In case you haven’t created it yet, then create one. Google Docs has made this thing absolutely easy and quick so it is not going to waste much of your time and you will be able to embed a contact card in a matter of few seconds.
  2. Now your second step is to enter the person’s name and you will have to do this by using a mention like you used to do in most of the social media apps. You need to type @ and then the name of the person whose contact card you are adding.
  3. Once you enter the name along with @, you will see a drop-down list from where you will be able to choose the contact you want. You might also see the email address of several contacts in the list. You can choose the one that you want from the list. Once you’ve chosen it, you will see that a contact card will automatically appear in your content and from there you will be easily able to take different actions easily without wasting any time or facing any difficulty. It’s just that simple!

All of you need to know that adding a contact card doesn’t mean that you are also sharing the document with them. If you wish to share the document, you can either follow the usual process that you used earlier or do this right from where you’ve mentioned the contact. When you enter any person’s name, Google Docs will ask you right away whether you wish to share the document with them or not.

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