How to Export and Delete Saved Passwords in Chrome

All those people who uses Google Chrome, must be aware that it comes with a built-in password manager. It is an undeniable fact that Chrome’s password manager is one of the most amazing one out there. However, its biggest drawback is security as Chrome does not provide that level of security which you need while using your passwords. Now for this all of you who are using Chrome browser and are concerned about the security of their passwords, need to have one dedicated app that will provide full security to your passwords.

There are a lot of such apps in the market out there that promises to protect your passwords but to use those apps, you need to export you passwords to this app and delete from the Chrome browser. Here in this article, we are going to tell you that how you will be able to export and delete your saved passwords from Google Chrome.

How to Export Saved Passwords From Google Chrome

Here first of all learn how you guys can export the saved passwords from Google Chrome browser. You need to follow the following steps to do that –

  1. Firstly you need to open the Chrome browser on your desktop and go to your profile. On top right corner of the screen, you will see your profile, click on that yo open.
  2. After clicking on profile, a screen will open up that will show your profile briefly and here you will see a key icon which is for passwords. You need to click on that to go to the passwords section.
  3. Here you will see different options that are divided in sections and you guys need to go to the “saved passwords” section. In this section, you will see three dots on the top right of the section, click on that.
  4. Once you click on those three dots, an option to “export passwords” will open and you need to click on that option. After this, a conformation message will pop up and you need to select “export passwords”.
  5. Now your device will confirm your identity and you can do that by entering your correct username and password. And you are all set, now it will save your passwords as CSV files on your computer.

How to Delete Saved Passwords From Chrome

Now as you are aware of how you can export your passwords, you should also know that how you can delete them easily. Here are the steps –

  1. Here also you need to open the Chrome browser and click on the three dots that are there on the top right corner of the toolbar. From here, you need to go to the “settings” option.
  2. In the settings, you need to go to the “Privacy and Security” section and there you will see an option to “clear browsing data”.
  3. Now a menu will open up where you will see two options, “Basic” and “Advanced”. You need to go to the advanced option and there you will see the option of “Time Range”. Here choose “All Time” option and then from the menu, click on “password and other sign-in data” and finally click on “Clear Data”. This will clear all of your passwords and other login informations that are saved on Chrome browser.

Now you know how you can easily export and delete your saved passwords on Google Chrome browser.

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