How to Mute your Google Smart Speaker or Display’s Microphone?

These days, Google Smart Speaker has become quite an important part of our lives and so is its smart speaker. These speakers are designed to listen to the voice commands that we give and them give answers. Even though it won’t listen to anything until and unless we say “Ok Google” but for those who don’t want Google Smart Speaker to be listening all the time can try the mute option available with it.

First of all there is this one thing that all the Google Smart Speaker users need to keep in mind is that these devices are listening to you all the time. However, it only records you when you say some specific commands. There are a lot of people who might be having some doubts or do not want the speaker to hear them. In this article, we have a solution for all those people out there. We are going to tell you that how you can easily mute your Google Smart Speaker or Display’s Microphone.

Google has provided the mute switches on all of its devices with Google Assistant. This provides the users with a facility to physically mute and unmutes their speaker easily without facing any kind of difficulty.

Here is how you can mute different devices that come with Google Assistant feature –

  • Google Nest Mini/Home: Google Nest Mini/Home is a special smart speaker that has been designed to provide a better experience to the people who are using Google Assistant. It makes the life a lot more easy for all of you. But as most of the people don’t want the smart speaker to listen to them all the time, here is how they can mute the speaker:

On the back side of your Google Nest, you will see one switch, through which you can mute your speaker easily. Just turn the switch off if you want to mute the speaker and vice versa.

  • Google Nest Audio: Google Nest Audio is another smart speaker by Google that comes with Google Assistant. According to Google, Nest Audio is one of its best smart speaker available, which is better than Google Nest Home as well. As claimed by the firm, it provides the clearer audio along with a rich sound that comes with a room-filling feature. Now for those who want to mute the speaker without turning it off, here is how they can do that:

You will have to search for a button which is there on the back side of Google Nest Audio. Switch that button off if you want to mute your smart speaker and that is it!

  • Google Nest Hub: Google has worked really well on its range of smart speakers. Another one in the list is Google Nest Hub that could be seen as a speaker with a screen. Nest Hub also comes along with Google Assistant which makes the life a lot more easy for you. It’s that one device, through which you can easily control rest of the others. This one also comes with a button through which you can easily mute this off:

On the back side of the display, you will see the button that will help you to physically mute the speaker. Turn it off or on, as per your requirement. When it comes to the best Google Smart Speaker, Nest Hub is on the top.

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