How to Put Your Xbox Controller Into Pairing Mode?

To all the Xbox players out there, here we are introducing you to one really amazing thing that all of you are going to love. In this article, we are telling you that how you guys will be able to put your Xbox controller into pairing mode. Through this, you will be able to compare it with any PC, Mac or even a smartphone. This is one of the best feature for all those people out there who want to explore something new with their console. This opens door to a lot more opportunities and things to explore for your guys.

Before moving further, you need to make sure that if you are using Xbox series X, S or any other older version then you need to put two AA batteries or you either use an rechargeable battery pack that Microsoft provides.

Steps to Put Your Xbox Controller Into Pairing Mode

Here are all the steps that are required to put your Xbox controller into pairing mode –

  1. Now the first step will be to turn on your Xbox console from the power button that is provided on the front.
  2. After turning on, your next step will be to find out the pairing button on your console. Pairing button will vary from model to model. Here are the steps for each model of Xbox series-
  3. In Xbox series X and S, the pairing button will be next to the USB ports on the front of the console.
  4. On Xbox One X or S, the pairing button is the round button on the front of the console.
  5. However, on the original Xbox One, the pairing button is on the left side of the console, right near the optical disc drive.
  6. Now you need to press the pairing button along with the top edge of your controller which is located right above the battery compartment of the controller. You need to make sure that you press the pairing button until the Xbox logo which is on the controller, starts to blink very fast. When the flash will stop blinking, the controller has been paired.

These are the few simple steps through which you will be able to easily pair your Xbox One and Series X and S controller with any other console which is compatible with it. Along with this, you can also pair it with any of your computer or smartphone as well.

All those who wish to pair their Xbox controller with any other device out there can do this by establishing a standard Bluetooth connection. You have to make sure that you follow the complete steps within 20 seconds otherwise you will have to try again by repeating the same method. This will also provide you an ability to play all of your Xbox games on their smartphones as well. When it comes to smartphones, it will pair with only Android smartphones as iPhone and iPad do not allow this pairing at the moment. It has been revealed by Microsoft that in the future updates, they will be able to add support for both iPhone and iPad. All the compatible console, computer or any other smartphone out there will be easily paired with Xbox One or Xbox Series X and S. This is going to help you guys a lot in playing your Xbox games on many other devices out there.

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