How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen on Android, iPhone & Desktop

Facebook is one of the most famous social media app out there that has been used by billions of people out there. We all know that it also comes with a best messaging app called Facebook Messenger but one thing that we all don’t like here is that it does not allow us to turn off the read receipt.

There are times when we do not want to reply to someone’s message instantly. Now as Facebook does not provide us the option to turn off the read receipt, we need to search for different alternatives that will help us to reach the messages and the sender won’t even know that.

Here we are going to tell you few tips and tricks that will help the users to read the Facebook messages without being seen. Whenever anyone send the message on facebook, a tick appears next to the text which indicates that the text has been sent and when the receiver opens the message, their icon appears next to it.

Now for those who do not want the sender to know that they have read the message, here are few steps that they can follow –

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen on Android Phone

  1. One of the most common ways to do this is to disconnect the app from the internet and this will be done through airplane mode. Now turn on the airplane mode either from the quick access panel or through the main settings of the phone.
  2. Now whenever you receive the message on Facebook, your first step will be to turn on the airplane mode and then open the new message.
  3. Now the sender will not be able to know that you have read the message until you re-open the app with an active internet connection.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen in iPhone

  1. For all the iPhone users, this is very simple as all they need to do here is to make some changes in the settings. First of all go to the settings and tap on “Messages”.
  2. In messages you will be able to find the option of “send receipts”, turn it off from there and its done. It will keep the sender from knowing whether you have read the message or not.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen in Desktop

  1. If you want this feature on your desktop, you can easily download an extension called Facebook Unseen. You can find out the link here to download this extension.
  2. Once Facebook Unseen is installed on to your device, it will automatically create an unseen icon on Chrome.
  3. Now to disable the read receipts, click on that unseen icon and click, “block the seen feature of the chat”. And its done! It will disable the read receipt for your Facebook Messenger.

Now read the messages easily without letting the sender know that.

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