How to Recover Deleted Files in Microsoft Teams?

Business communication apps have become one of the important part of our lives as these apps helps us to work more efficiently. These apps are best for the employees and students who have to do the teamwork. One such amazing app is Microsoft Teams which is available for different platforms out there. In this app you are able to do group chats, meetings, video conferencing and a lot more, basically everything that every team needs.

What happen sometimes is we tend to delete several files from the app that we feel are not useful for us or we don’t need them anymore. While deleting files, we sometimes delete something important and most of the users out there are not aware that they can restore the file that has been deleted my mistake on Microsoft Teams.

Well, Microsoft Teams has provided the users with an option to recover the files that has been deleted. It keeps the file in trash for 30 days so in case if you deleted your file by mistake or someone did this deliberately to you, you can recover it back within 30 days. Here we are going to give you a complete detailed guide on how you can recover a deleted file from Microsoft Teams:

How to recover deleted files in Microsoft Teams?

Open Sharepoint

The first thing you have to do here is to open the Files tab of your channel. You have to open it in Sharepoint and you will see this option after opening the files tab and find “Open in Sharepoint”.

Go to Recycle Bin

After opening the file in sharepoint, you will see an option of Recycle bin on the top left side of the page. You will have to select the recycle bin option to recover your file back.

Select the Deleted File

In the recycle bin you will be able to see the files that has been deleted from your Microsoft Teams account. From here you can easily recover any of your file back to your device.

Restore File

You will have to right-click on the file that you wish to restore and there you will see an option of Restore. Select that option and that’s it, your file will be restored in no time on to your device.

For those who wish to restore their files on their mobile devices can do this through Office mobile apps. They can follow all these steps to recover the deleted files on mobile devices as well. This is one the best app for all those who uses this kind of business communication apps very frequently. Now no worries if you delete any of your important file by mistake or someone else delete your file, you can easily recover it back on your device by simply following these few steps.

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