How to Rename Columns and Rows in Google Sheets

Ever single Google Sheets has been introduced, it has become quite easy for people to make spreadsheets that helps you to easily collaborate on your data. Be it for official or for educational, it is one of the most used platform when it comes to managing your data. Now in order to make things even more convenient and easy, you can rename the columns and rows in Google Sheets. Here in this article, we are going to tell you how to rename columns and rows in Google Sheets.

You can easily rename the columns and rows in the Google Sheets with the help of named ranges as they allows you to add a custom name to various cells. Here is how you can do that –

Use Name Box

One of the most common way to add the named range to the Google Sheets is by using the name box. Here is how to do this –

  1. Your first step here will be to open your Google Sheets and if you don’t have one, then create one so that you can understand the process.
  2. Now you need to select the row or column for which you need to add the name box. Once you select any row or column, you will have to replace cell replace which is already there from the name box. You can add any new name that you want. Once you are done with it, you need to press the enter key in order to save the changes.
  3. Now you will be able to see that the new name has been applied to the row or column that you’ve chosen on your Google Sheet. The users can also click on the “Manage Named Ranges” from the downward arrow which is right next to the name box, if you wish to make any changes to it.

Use Named Ranges Menu

Here is another way to rename the rows or columns in Google Sheets, which is also convenient. Below are the steps –

  1. Here also, your first step is to open your Google Sheets in which you wish to rename the rows or columns. In case you haven’t created yet, then create one.
  2. In the Google Sheet, you are required to choose the rows and columns which you wish to rename.
  3. Now you need to right-click on the selected rows or columns cell and a whole menu will pop up. From this menu, you have to select, “Define The Named Range”. Once you click on it, another menu will appear for Named Range.
  4. In the Named Range menu, you guys will have to enter the name that you want for your rows or columns cell. In case you wish to change the cell, then you can do this from the cell reference that is given right below the box where you’ve entered the name. Once you’ve entered the name and selected the cell, you need to click on Done, to save the changes.

These were the two different methods through which one can easily enter or rename the Named Range for their rows and columns. Now as you’ve renamed the cell, you will be able to quickly find the data that you are looking for, without wasting much of your time and making your work a lot easier.

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