How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on eBay

Do you want to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on eBay? If yes then you are at the right location. Just follow the given steps to turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

In today’s digital world, all of us tend to online shopping as it is highly convenient, time saving and easy. You must have come across a lot of online shopping websites and one of the most famous one is eBay. eBay is very well known for providing a secure and convenient online platform to the users and two-factor authentication plays a huge role behind this. It is one of the most important verification process that each website should go through for the security of the users. Here in this article, we are going to tell you guys that how you can set up the Two-Factor Authentication on eBay.

Steps to set up two-factor authentication on eBay Mobile App

Here are the steps to set up two-factor authentication on eBay mobile app –

  1. First step will be to open the eBay app and there you will see three horizontal line on the top-left corner, you need to click on that.
  2. This will now open a menu for you and from there, you need to go the “Settings”.
  3. Now in the settings, you will see an account section and from there, click on “Signing in”.
  4. Once you enter the signing in section, it will show you a complete settings and you need to click on “2-Step Verification”. It will open another menu for you and there you will see two options, “set up 2-step verification” and “use the eBay app”. You can click on any of these.
  5. Now you will see a login page and you need to select the verification method and then tap on “verify”. You will now receive a six-digit code either through email or through the text message and by entering the code, tap on “verify”. Now you are all set!

The above mentioned steps are for eBay mobile app and now comes the website. It is quite easy on the eBay website as well, here are the steps –

Steps to set up two-factor authentication on eBay Website

  1. Here your first step will be login to your account on eBay website. Here you will see a downward arrow right next to your username and from there go to the “Account Settings”.
  2. Now it will show your complete account settings and from here, you need to go to the “Personal Information and Privacy” section and then click on the “sign in and security”.
  3. Here in the sign in and security option, you will see many different options and you have to go to the “2-Step Verification” option and in front of that, you will see an “Edit” box. To do the changes in 2-step verification, you need to click on “Edit” option.
  4. It will now ask your password for the confirmation and once confirmed, it will show you two different options, one is “use the eBay app” and the second is “Get a text message”. This step is for the verification and you can choose any of these to verify your device.
  5. The website will show you the directions of how you can verify your device and once you have completed the process, you will see a success message and you are all set now!

As we all know, 2-step verification is very important these days as there have been huge surge in the online scams. By following these simple steps that are mentioned above, you will be able to set up the 2-step verification from either the mobile app or through the website.

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