How to Start a Car With a Dead Battery Without Jumper Cables [Complete Guide]

Imagine you are going out somewhere far from the city and suddenly your car battery dies. Usually, people try to start their car with the help of jumper cables in this case, however, what to do if you do not have those cables with you. Well, here we are going to tell you measures through which you can start your car with a dead battery without jumper cables, for both automatic and manual cars.

Start Manual Transmission Car Without Jumper Cables

It is quite easy to start a manual transmission car even if you do not have jumper cables with you. Here is how you can do that –

  1. The first thing that you should try is to position the car on an elevated road as it helps you to easily move the car. In case the road is flat then you might need someone’s help to push the car because the greater the force is, the greater the momentum will be.
  2. When the car is being pushed from behind, you are required to turn on the ignition because without this, the car won’t start.
  3. Along with turning on the ignition, you should also switch your car to the second gear. Now as soon as the car start gaining some momentum, start releasing the clutch and it shall start immediately. In case it does not start then keep pressing and releasing the clutch again and again, until it starts.

Start Automatic Car Without Cables

It was quite easy to start the manual transmission car however, this method won’t be applicable to the automatic car. Here you have only one method to start your automatic car which is by using a portable charger. All those people who drive an automatic car, they should always carry a portable charger with them because you never know what situation you might face.

With the portable charger, it is absolutely easy to start your car without facing any kind of difficulty. You just need to plug it in your car from the cigarette lighter and then wait for just 20 minutes. It will charge the battery sufficiently so that you can easily start it without any difficulty.

The above mentioned methods are tried and tested and one should not face any difficulty if they try them properly. However, in case you are still unable to start your car then their might be some other problem. At this point of time, you can take help from any Roadside Assistance Service available near you as the mechanic will be able to detect if there is any other fault and will help you to start your car.

In case you do not wish to hand over your car to anyone that you cannot trust and looking for professional assistance, then you should always call any Roadside Assistance Companies. There are many reputable companies out there that helps you in different cases and you can easily call them whenever you want. Give them a call and then will provide you emergency service. These companies can also provide you towing services. So whenever you are stuck with any such problem and are unable to start you car, then you should always try this alternate otherwise you will be stuck in the middle of the road with no help around!

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