How to Turn Off 5G Signals on Android Phones?

If you guys are aware of all the latest technological enhancements that are going across the world, then you must be aware of 5G technology as well. This is one of the latest feature that all the mobile networks are offering the users but it is still not accessible everywhere. The accessibility issue is the reason why many people our there wish to turn this feature off so that their phone do not waste the battery unnecessarily on this.

Now you must be wondering that how it is possible to turn 5G off on your android device. Well, here in this article we are going to tell you methods through which you guys will be able to easily turn 5G off on their devices. We will talk about both Samsung phones and Google Pixel phones and you will be able to turn it off through these methods on your device as well.

Steps to Turn Off 5G on Samsung Smartphones

It is quite simple for you guys to turn off 5G on Samsung smartphones, here are the steps –

  1. Here first of all, you will have to go to the settings of your phone. You can either open settings straight from your phone’s menu or you can also open the settings from the Quick Settings menu of your device.
  2. Now in the settings, you need to search for “Connections” option and tap on that to expand the option further.
  3. In the connections, you will see an option of “mobile networks”. When you go to the mobile networks, you will see a lot of different options related to your mobile’s network. Here you will have to tap on “Network mode”.
  4. In the network mode, you will see different network pairs and from there you will have to choose the one that does not have 5G in it. This way you will be able to easily turn off 5G from your device.

Steps to Turn Off 5G on Google Pixel

The settings of Google Pixel is little different as compared to the Samsung smartphone but is absolutely easy. Here are the steps of how you can turn off 5G on Google Pixel smartphones-

  1. Here also your first step will be to go to the settings of your Google Pixel device and there search for the network settings. It will come in “network & internet” section of your device.
  2. In the network & internet section, you guys will see various options and from here you will have to tap on “mobile network”. Now you will be able to see various network settings of your mobile network. Here you will have to tap on “preferred network type”.
  3. When you tap on preferred network type, it will open a pop-up menu from where you will have to select LTE. There are other options as well like 3G and 2G and you guys will have option to choose any of these over 5G.

It gets quite convenient for all mobile phone users to have access to a proper internet connection whenever they want. In case you are in an area where you can get 5G service, then you guys can again turn on 5G from the network settings of your device. Usually most of android devices have similar kind of settings so you guys are not going to face any kind of difficulty. You can easily follow the above mentioned steps and turn off 5G whenever you want.

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