How to Turn off COVId 19 Exposure Tracking and Notification on Android Devices

Over some time it has been seen that COVID-19 pandemic has reached its peak and it is getting quite difficult for the world to deal with it on a daily basis. Different companies and developers are working on various apps that can help you to give proper information about the virus and alert you about any infected person. Recently, Google has also released an exposure notification API which helps you to trace COVID-19 cases. It has been developed especially for the health professionals so that they will be stay updated with all the latest COVID-19 updates.

This Exposure Notification API is there on every android phone who have updated their handset in May 2020. Once you update your device, this COVID-19 notification section will be set automatically in the settings of your phone and you can manage it anytime you want from that section. However, nobody can deny that at times it gets quite depressing and frustrating to get all these COVID-19 notifications continuously all the time. Some people want to turn off these notifications on their mobile device but somehow they are unable to turn it off.

Steps to Turn off COVId 19 Exposure Tracking and Notification on Android Devices

Here telling you guys few of the steps and by following those you will be easily able to turn off these notifications –

  1. First of all, you have to make sure whether you have updated your android device by the end of May 2020 because this Exposure Notification API is there on the updated android devices only. If you are unable to see this on your settings than you have now updated your device and you do not need to do anything.
  2. Now for all those who are receiving these notifications and want to turn it off, you will have to go to the settings of your android device.
  3. In your settings, you will have to scroll down and find out Google option where you can manage all the google related settings.
  4. Once you open Google settings from your device’s settings, you will find out COVID-19 Exposure Notifications right on the top of that section.
  5. In the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications menu, you will find out two options which states, ‘Delete random IDs’ and ‘Turn off Exposure Notification’. Those who want to do it partially, they can simple tap on ‘Delete random IDs’ so that you won’t be connected with any device through Bluetooth for this feature. While those who want to turn it off entirely, they can simply choose the option, ‘Turn off Exposure Notification’ and they won’t be receiving the COVID-19 notifications anymore.

Even though, this is a great initiative to let people know more about COVID-19 and trace the cases, some people still find it frustrating at times. So, by following these steps, they can easily turn this option off for their device.

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