How to Use Bangs in DuckDuckGo (to Search Other Websites)

We all want a search for a kind of search engine that pays special attention to our privacy. One such browser is DuckDuckGo which prevent others from tracking you while browsing and it will not remember your search history. Now here the question is, what is a Bang? Well, Bang is a special feature of this browser that helps the user yo search for a particular thing. It will completely limit your search results to one particular website that you have been searching for.

You guys will be able to find bangs for almost every website on the internet and you can use them easily for more particular results. These bangs are meant to give you a better browsing experience that is more personalised and particular as per your requirements. Here is how you can use bangs in DuckDuckGo to search other websites –

  • If you have any regular or the most common website in your mind then you can simply add and exclamation mark with the name to get the proper results. Here for example, if you want to search for Gmail, you can simply type !gmail in your search column to get direct results.
  • Now if you want use bangs for other websites, first thing that you should know is that there is around 13,500 bangs available for you. You will be able to use any of these 13,500 bangs during your search on DuckDuckGo. Now if you want to search for a particular bang here on this browser, you need to –
    • Your first step will be to type an exclamation mark on your search bar to search for all the bangs available.
    • After this, DuckDuckGo will open the list of all the suggested bangs that are available with it.
    • As there are over 13,500 bangs, your search will become more relevant if you start typing what you are searching for along with the exclamation mark. This will provide more particular results to you so that you don’t waste any time. Now no need to wonder whether the browser is having bangs for any particular website or not, you can simply type the name of the website along with an exclamation mark and it will show you the most relevant results.
    • Now along with this, the users will also be able to search for products on e-commerce websites using these bangs. Type the name of any product that you are searching for along with an exclamation mark to have the best experience of browsing.

Privacy at Risk –

Even though DuckDuckGo is a private browser that protects your privacy to a very great extent, there are claims that by using bangs, you are compromising with your privacy. This is because it will add a third-party to your search which means the website that you have searched for using bangs will be able to track you down. The third-party website will be able to collect your data or track you throughout the time when you are using the website. The reason here is that DuckDuckGo does not take the responsibility of any third-party website out there.

So, just be careful whenever you are using bangs on DuckDuckGo and behave responsibly because the website that you have searched for might be tracking you even when it is a private browser.

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