How To Use Breakout Rooms in a Zoom Meeting?

Worldwide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic has made quite a huge space for Zoom calls in our life. It was one of the biggest medium through which we were able to conduct or attend meetings and stay connected with everyone. Even the students are getting online classes through zoom only but it has been seen that a lot of people faces trouble with a large audience. Now for all those who faces this kind of problem, Breakout rooms has been designed to provide them space.

The main purpose of breakout rooms is to split your Zoom meeting into different sessions so that more people can join it easily. This is also quite a useful option for people who are conducting meetings with large groups. Breakout rooms will help you to create separate rooms for several people or a small group and you can easily talk to them privately in that separate room and then return back to the main room. There are millions of people out there who are using Zoom but only a few are aware of this breakout room feature. Here we are going to tell you that how you guys can use breakout rooms in a zoom meeting.

Steps To Use Breakout Rooms in a Zoom Meeting

Here are the few simple steps through which you will be able to easily create breakout rooms –

  1. Here first of all you will have to start a meeting because only then you will be able to use Breakout Rooms option. Start any meeting, be it an instant one or a scheduled one.
  2. After starting the meeting, you will see an icon of Breakout Rooms that will look like a window. You need to click on that to start the process.
  3. Now you need to decide that how many Breakout Rooms you need to create as these will vary from person to person and the number of audience that you are addressing to. You can add up to 50 Breakout Rooms in one meeting.
  4. After this is done, you will have to decide that how you would like the audience or participants to join the Breakout Room. There will be three different options through which this can be done and the options are –
  5. Automatically – This option is for those who want the participants to automatically enter their Breakout Rooms on their own. So when they enter the meeting, they will be automatically redirected to their respective Breakout Rooms. This will evenly split all the participants of the meeting according to the number of Breakout Rooms.
  6. Manually – Now this option will give you ability to add participants into different rooms. You will be able to choose the number of participants you want and in which room you want them. You will have to add each individual manually through this.
  7. Let Participants Select – Here the last option is left with the participants. They will be able to choose themselves. All the participants will be able to select their room and then enter on their own. There is not any permission required in this mode.

The best thing about Breakout Rooms is that the host and the participants as well, are able to switch from their rooms to the main one. Among all the features, it has been seen that this feature has proved to be the most useful one for those who conduct meetings with a large audience.

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