How to Use Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp Messenger?

Do you want to secure your WhatsApp Account via using Fingerprint Lock? If yes then go through this article deeply.

Today our team is going to talk about one of the most popular security features in WhatsApp known as Fingerprint Lock. Fingerprint Lock has been recently added to WhatsApp Messenger and people are liking it. As We all know that Whatsapp is having millions of downloads worldwide so developers are also adding new features day by day for the users, so that improve their experience. Many people are concerned about the security of WhatsApp, keeping in mind, the company had added the feature of fingerprint lock to the app.

Steps to Activate Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 1: First of all, open your WhatsApp Messenger App.

Step 2: Now, at the top right, you will see three dots. When you tap on these, you will get the option of setting. Then go to Settings.

Step 3: Now in Settings, open Account.

Step 4: In Account Menu you will find out 6 options out of which you have to click on Privacy.

Step 5: In the Privacy settings, you have to scroll down at the bottom there you will see the option of fingerprint lock

Step 6: When you open it, there will be an option to turn it on. You can activate it by tapping on it.

It is very easy to install a fingerprint lock in WhatsApp.

After activating the fingerprint lock, you will see three options. These three options are immediately, After 1 minute or After 30 minutes. The first means that you want to lock WhatsApp immediately after closing it. The second means that you want to lock the app after 1 minute of closing it. Whereas the third means that you want to lock the app after 30 minutes. You can choose of these three options as per your convenience.

Advantages of using Fingerprint lock

If you have a smartphone then it is necessary to have security measures in it. Apart from PIN, Pattern Lock, Password, Fingerprint, there are other ways to lock the security in the smartphone. Nowadays the theft of personal information is increasing so much that you have to think of something similar to protect the information kept in your smartphone. In terms of security, we do not keep the PIN password in writing, but the same cannot be said about fingerprints.

Fingerprint Vs Password, which is More Secure?

  1. From the security point of view, we do not keep the PIN password in writing, but the same cannot be said about fingerprints.
  2. A fingerprint Scanner is the easiest way to protect your smartphone. But in the eyes of security experts, it is not right to consider fingerprint as 100% secure.
  3. If someone wants to steal data from your smartphone, he will find your fingerprint and then he will try to find your smartphone for a while.

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