How to Use Windows 10 Hidden Video Editor?

These days, videos have become an integral part of our lives and this is the reason why most of the app developers out there have developed video editing apps. For your knowledge, Windows 10 is also having a hidden video editor which is more like a movie maker for you. This editor will help the users to add a lot of things to their videos and you can also make a lot of changes to edit your videos with full perfection.

Windows 10 Hidden Editor is going to help you to trim the videos or you can also use it to create your own movie. This hidden editor is one of the most important feature of the Photos app on Windows 10. Here are all the steps through which you can use this hidden editor –

Steps to Use Windows 10 Hidden Video Editor

  1. Your first step will be to choose the video that you wish to edit with this hidden video editor.
  2. Now you have to right click on the video file that you have chosen for editing and a menu will pop-up. Now choose option “open with” and their you will see “Photos”. Photos is the place where you will see this hidden video editor.
  3. The video will now open in the Photos app and you will see a toolbar on the top of your video. In this toolbar, there is an option of “Edit & Create” which will help the users to edit their videos without much efforts.
  4. When you’ll click on Edit & Create option, a lot of video editing tools will open and you will be able to choose from this wide variety of tools.
  5. From the wide variety of video editing tools, you can choose whatever you want to do with your video to see the desired results.

Editing Options in Windows 10’s Hidden Video Editor

  1. Trim Video – If you wish to trim the video, you just have to drag the two handles which you will be seeing on your screen and this will help you to keep the portion that you want from the particular video and it will delete the unwanted portion. You will also be able to preview the video before saving the video so that you can have an idea of the trimmed video.
  2. Add Slo-Mo – Slo-mo is the feature that helps you to lower the speed of the video. This feature will also help you to slow the speed of a particular section of the video which will make your video look completely professional.
  3. Save Photos – This feature will help you to capture a photo from any kind of video. The editor will let you choose a specific frame from your video and it will save that as a photo.
  4. Draw on Video – This is an option that will help you to draw whatever you want on your video. There are a lot of pen, brushes and calligraphy option available with this particular feature and you will be able to draw whatever you want.
  5. 3D Effects – 3D effects is a more advanced tool that comes with this editor and it will allow you to add 3D effects to your videos to make them more attractive.

By using these tools that come with Windows 10 Hidden Editor, you will be able to enhance your video to a very great level and it will make it look more professional.

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