MediaTek Launched 5G SoC, Dimensity 800U | Features

We all are very well aware that how important role it is of internet in our lives these days. We are always trying out different methods to improve the connectivity and speed of our internet. Here we are introducing you guys to one amazing thing that will completely change your experience of using the internet and it is MediaTek Dimensity. It introduces 5G chip for your device which will completely improve its connectivity with the internet to give you the best network. It has been mentioned by the company that these 5G chips are available for both premium and flagship smartphones out there.

Not only connectivity with internet, MediaTek will also provide you with other things like multimedia, AI and imaging innovations. It provides a lot of features to the users and simply meant to improve internet connectivity and enhance the overall experience. It provides two different series to the users that comes along with different features and functioning.

Dimensity 1000 series

This dimensity 1000 series could be seen as a one that comes along with almost everything to give you the best experience ever. This could be understood as a flagship 5G SoC family of MediaTek that has been specially developed for the smartphones. This is an all-in-one kind of chip. Here you will be able to get a 5G modem along with integrating the smartphones technologies with AI. It has been designed in such a way that will provide you a fastest 5G performance.

Dimensity 1000 series Features

Features –

  • Ultimate gaming experience – Here the users are going to have an ultimate gaming experience with flagship CPU and GPU performance. Along with this, there will be an MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 that will completely enhance the experience of playing games on smartphones.
  • Amazing photography – Not only internet connectivity, here you are also going to get features to take your photography at another level. It will offer you smart videography and photography through MediaTek Imagiq. Plus there will be an HDR video playback.
  • Device support – It will also support Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1+ so, it should not be a trouble for you.
  • 5G ultrasave technology – Here the users are going to get the 5G UltraSave technology offered by MediaTek along with 2CC Carrier Aggregation support.

Dimensity 800 series Features

This one is not anywhere less than the 1000 series. The features here are going to be less but it is equally amazing.

Features –

  • Enhanced gaming experience – Here with this 800 series also, you are going to get a completely enhanced gaming experience. It will provide HyperEngine 2.0 by MediaTek.
  • It will also provide Octa core CPU with four arm “Big” cores.
  • There will be amazing AI camera enhancements also with APU 3.0 by MediaTek  to give you a better experience all together.

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