Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 Specifications & Price

About- Microsoft Classroom Pen 2

Microsoft is very well known for its innovative technology through which it keep coming up with some super amazing gadgets. This times we are talking about Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 which has been launched by the company recently only. It is a digital pen which is a newer version of Microsoft Classroom Pen that the company has launched back in 2019. You can guess this from its name only that the pen has been specially developed for the students as the company is hoping for a digital ink future.

These days when everything is becoming digital, Classroom Pen comes as a saviour for the students. It has been specifically developed to be used on its Surface Go and Surface Pro laptops. As claimed by the company, this is going to make learning more fun for the students as they will be always excited to use Classroom Pen on their laptops. This could be seen as a great initiative by Microsoft as the company is focusing towards making the world paper free and introducing its Classroom Pen 2 is another step towards it. Plus introducing the successor to Classroom Pen during such difficult times is going to be of a great help for most of the students out there as it will be made available at a lesser price.

Microsoft Classroom Pen 2- Main Features

Here are the specifications –

  • Inclusive Design– Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 has been developed with a completely inclusive design that is specially for the students out there. The reason behind introducing such design is to ensure that the students do not face any difficulty while working on their laptops with classroom pen.
  • Great Compatibility– This one is highly compatible with both Surface Go and Surface Pro devices out there. This makes it completely easy for the users out there to work on their devices or to draw whatever they want.
  • Durable Pen Tip– It comes along with an extremely durable pen tip which helps the users to use the pen easily without worrying too much about its safety. Plus the best thing about this pen tip is that it is completely replaceable so you don’t have to worry much about it.
  • Built-in Tether Slot– Here you will see that Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 includes a built-in tether slot. This helps the users to keep their pen in place without worrying about losing it anywhere. You can easily attach your pen to the Surface Type Covers with the built-in slot easily.
  • Affordable Price – Despite offering such amazing features, the best thing about Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is that it is extremely affordable as compared to the previous one. Earlier version was of Rs. 60,000 for a pack of 20 and this one will be available for Rs. 30,000 for the same. This is exactly half the price of the previous one.

From more than a year, it has been seen that most of the education system across the world is currently running digitally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is quite evident that how people have opted for digital alternatives for almost everything possible in order to reduce direct contact with anyone. In these times, Microsoft came up with the Classroom Pen 2 with all the amazing features mentioned above. Microsoft has not revealed many many details about the all-new Classroom Pen 2 but from the reviews that the earlier version of Classroom Pen has received, it is quite obvious that this time also, it will not fail to impress us.

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