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Pac Man-Geo for Android

Over the past several years, augmented reality games are becoming quite popular and most loved ones among people across the world. A lot of games have been released in this genre but what the main thing is that over time, most of the games become quite boring as they are not offering something unique. In that matter, Bandai Namco never fails to impress everyone as it always comes up with an amazing game and this time also, it has done something really impressing. It is offering Pac Man-Geo which is its latest augmented reality game. The app has been specially designed for all the android devices so it is highly compatible with them.

As mentioned above, Pac Man-Geo is going to be highly amazing and unique one from rest of the games. Here the players will be creating new mazes out of their locality. According to several reports, it is revealed that the game will be released anytime soon within this month only. It is the kind of game that is going to give you guys a complete amazing experience of playing an augmented reality game. A lot of information has not been released yet as the game is still available in a pre-register phase.

Pac Man-Geo Android Game- Features

However, few things like most important features have been revealed and some of them are –

  • Create unique mazes – Here the players will be creating unique and interesting mazes
  • Create unique mazes – Here the players will be creating unique and interesting mazes through their local streets.
  • Gain high scores – In order to win a challenge or game, the player needs to have to highest score. So while creating mazes, you will have to make sure that you are also gaining scores in order to win the game.
  • Whole-wide world – There is not any kind of limit to the space that you will get here as the whole wide world is yours and you can go anywhere. Every place where you go will become your own battleground.
  • Pre-made levels – You will be having access to the pre-made levels that has been created by other players out there. This will give you a completely new experience every-time you play a new level.
  • Create levels – Even though there will be pre-made levels, you will also get a chance to create your own level. Now you add everything you want to make the level interesting and unique from others.
  • Free to play – This is another amazing thing about this game that it is absolutely free to play. You will not be paying any kind of amount while playing the game.

There are a lot of other things that you guys will see here and enjoy the complete amazing experience of augmented reality. Pre-register now to get all the additional benefits.

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