What is a TPM Chip and Why Does Windows 11 Require it?

Recently it has been seen that Microsoft is focusing on the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11 operating system. One of the major requirements this time is TPM 2.0 chip. Trusted Platform Module, which is popularly known as TPM is a security chip that is located on the motherboard of your computer. Here today we are going to tell you every single detail about this chip and why it is needed in Windows 11.

What’s TPM Chip

As mentioned earlier, TPM chip is basically a security chip that performs various security-related functions on your computer. It is basically your saviour because no one will be able to do any harm to your computer without your knowledge. It prevents the hackers from tampering the encrypted drive which is inside your PC. Today as we are focusing on everything to be encrypted and secure, TPM is there to help us with this. It is like a crypto processor that is highly capable of carrying out different things related to security like generating encryption keys, providing authentication and a lot more.

Uses of TPM Chip and Why Does Windows 11 Require It?

You must be now aware that the major function of TPM Chip is to ensure the security of your computer. Here are some of the most important things that it is capable of –

  1. The most common thing for which TPM chips are used is to protect and encrypt all of your important data. This helps you to ensure its safety so that it can never be compromised at any cost.
  2. Whenever a malware or any kind of virus is detected on your device, TPM Chip performs its function by quarantining itself. Through this, all the data that has been stored on to it will also be quarantined and there will not be any threat of getting infected or compromised.
  3. It also checks the BIOS of your computer by scanning it when you restart the computer. This helps to ensure that there are not any unwanted programs or access before starting.
  4. You also need not to worry about your computer/laptop being stolen or hacked when you have TPM chips as they protect it in any circumstances. It instantly detects whenever someone has tampered your computer’s drive. This way it prevents your computer from booting up and along with this, it also completely lock the system in some serious cases.
  5. Another most important use of the TPM chip is to store the biometric login information. It has been seen that in most of the cases, people uses this chip to send any encrypted or the key-signed messages via email. While generating the cryptographic keys, the chip keeps a certain part of it to itself only and it is not stored anywhere else other than the chip to ensure its security.

Now the question is why Microsoft if quite firm with its decision related to the TPM Chips. The major reason behind focusing majorly on TPM chip is to ensure about the security of user’s computer. In the recent years, there have been a huge increase in cyber and other type of crimes hence it is extremely important to have something on your computers that is capable of securing it and the important data stored in it at any cost.

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