Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Specs, Release Date, Price & Features

About- Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Whenever it comes to a  great smartphones at an affordable price, Xiaomi is the one that first comes in our mind. Along with smartphones, it also deals in many other devices as well and here we are introducing you to its much awaited launch, Mi Band 6. It is the smart band by the company which is expected to release by June 2021 in India.

As we all know Xiaomi never fails to impress us with its exciting features, here also you can expect some really amazing features coming along your way through Mi Band 6. The company has not revealed much information about this band but it is assumed that this one is going to be one of the best smart band in the market out there with all the latest features.

Mi Band 6 Specs & Features

Here are some of the most amazing features of Mi Band 6 that you guys are going to experience while using it:

  • SpO2 Sensor– It is expected that Mi band 6 will come with an SpO2 sensor which is going to make it the best health bands in the market. If it comes with this sensor then this band is for all the fitness enthusiasts out there.
  • Alexa Support– As different companies are introducing their virtual assistants to make our life a lot more easier, we are somewhere relying on them. It is revealed that this band will also come along with Alexa support to make things easier and fun for you.
  • Built-in GPS– Although Xiaomi has not revealed much details about its upcoming Band 6, it is revealed that it might also have a built-in GPS. This is going to take your navigation game to another level.
  • Better Display– It is expected that Band 6 is going to come with a better display as compared to its previous variants. There will be a bigger and higher resolution display which will give a better experience to the users.
  • Automatic Replies– Xiaomi has also added a feature if automatic reply to this band. Now you will be able to decline the calls that you don’t want to answer along with an automatic reply.
  • Heart Rate and Sleep Tracking– There will be a feature of tracking your heart rate and sleep. Now the users will be able to have a better track on their health with Mi Band 6.
  • Notification Display– As per the reports, it has been assumed that there will be a better notification display on Band 6. The users will be able to get the notification from around 300 popular apps out there.

Mi Band 6 Release Date

Mi Band 6 will feature SP02 meter and as per officials, the smart band is expected to arrive in Mid June 2021.

Mi Band 6 Price

The most important thing is the price of MI Band 6, according to officials the cost of MI Band 6 will be around Rs. 2599 in India. The company may lunch two different models of this device, one with GPS support.

There will be a lot of other things as well that the users are going to experience while using Mi Band 6. Wait for the release of this band and stay updated with us for further updates.

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