CamScanner APK- Download| Latest Update 2022

CamScanner is the app that helps us to scan various documents with our smartphones and your phone will ultimately turn into a PDF scanner. Here you will be able to convert any image to PDF at an ease. Not only the images, you will also be able to scan any paper documents with the help of this app.
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CamSoft Information
31 May 2022
Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
90.35 MB

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CamScanner for Android

These days everything has become quite handy and convenient as we are doing most of the things through our mobile phones only, without going anywhere else. In the past year, all of us has experienced that our phones and laptops have literally become our workspace and we are doing almost everything at the convenience of our homes only. So, here we are introducing you guys to the one really amazing app which is quite useful while working and the name is CamScanner. This app works great with many devices out there which includes both Android and iOS so you do not need to worry about compatibility

CamScanner 2022 APK- Main Features

Here are some really amazing features of this app that you are going to enjoy to the fullest –

  • Scan Documents – Earlier were the days when we needed a separate scanner to scan our documents in order to get their digital form. However, now you won’t need it as your smartphone will act like a scanner as it will help you to scan all the paper documents instantly without wasting any of your time.
  • Excellent Scan Quality – Usually people get quite skeptical when they have to use their mobile phones for such purposes as they believe that it might not give better quality. With CamScanner, you will see that it provides an excellent scan quality which keeps the documents sharp and clear without any kind of mistakes. This will make your documents look even more professional.
  • Scan Images – It is not only used for scanning the paper documents as here you will also be able to scan the text from any image as well. You will also have an ability to edit that text which has been extracted from the image.
  • AirPrint – There is this feature called AirPrint through which you will be able to print any of the documents with the help of a nearby printer. It has made things quite hassle-free and quick for you guys.
  • Fax Documents – This app supports over 30 countries when it comes to fax documents which means that you guys will be able to fax any of your documents to different parts of the world.
  • Amazing Editing Tools – There are super amazing editing tools which comes with this app. With the help of these tools, you will be able to edit any of your document and customise them by adding watermarks and many other things available there.
  • Secure Documents – It is quite obvious that we tend to have documents in our phone that are private or we just simply want to secure them. Well for this, you need not to worry as here you will be able to protect all your important or confidential documents with the help of a passcode so that no one will have access to them other than you.
  • Categorise Documents – You will also be able to categorise your documents according to different tags and categories. This way it gets quite easy for everyone to search for any particular document when they have dozens of them.

The list of features seems to be endless here and you will get to know all of them, once you start using it. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now on your smartphones.

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