Clash of Lights APK- Download | Latest Update 2022


Clash of Lights is one of the most popular free private server of amazing combat strategy game famous as Clash of Clans. With Clash of Lights, you can enjoy unlimited resources, unlocked items, additional custom mod which are safe and secure and are updated regularly. If you want unlimited resources and gems for free. Then don’t worry, we have a solution for you to enjoy all amazing resources and features without much wait and that too for free. You just have to download Clash of Lights from the link given here to enjoy and have access to all the amazing features of this game.
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10 December 2021
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
136 MB

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Sometimes all we need is a good game to entertain us. Strategy game is always ready to satisfy this need. We all have love for strategy games, and this has also become one of favorite game genres of most people out there. Strategy games are one of the outstanding game genres. There are several combat strategy games in the market out there still Clash of Clans has been top grossing in strategy which never fails to inspire the players every time they play the game. Here we have bought a Clash of lights APK for android.

Clash of Lights 2022 APK- Main Features 

  • Unlimited Resources– One of the super cool features of this app is that it provide you free access to unlimited gems and resources like gold, elixirs or dark elixirs. You cannot abandon the building or upgrading time without gems. You also may need resources like gold, elixirs and dark elixirs to upgrade troops, buildings and spells which are acquired from dark drills, elixirs collectors, gold mines from base of another players.
  • Unlocked Items– New troops and Townhall 14 have also been unlocked. To add 500 troops capacity command system is there and to add 500 spells capacity cheat code system is there.
  • Safe and Secure– Although the Clash of Lights apk is developed by third-party, still this app is safe and secure for almost all android devices as it does not have fraud or an affected server. Unlike other server, this server also will not delete your account data as it maintains all of its data on the server.
  • Compatibility– The most important thing that you must know about is whether your device is being able to support this mod or not. The Clash of Lights is among the unique mods available which is supported by android, iOS as well as PC. Yes, you heard it right. So worry free enjoy this amazing game.
  • Additional Custom Mod – Clash of Lights also involve few additional custom mod that turns it more awesome. These custom mods assist you to modify the collection of heroes, buildings and much more.
  • Trusted Server with no Lag – The server of Clash of Lights is trusted which is operated by very good team of developer 24/7 who offers amazing gameplay without any lag which is pretty good. While most of the private server includes lag problem, but here no such problem has been observed. 
  • Anti-Ban– You will not get banned for any reason with Clash of Lights apk. As it is supported by third-party private server which is completely different from the actual servers. And this server is 100% safe and secure. So there is no chances of your account from getting banned. You can enjoy this game hassle-free as much as you wish. 
  • Regular Updates– The apk of Clash of Lights is regularly updated as soon as possible. Updates are launched depending on the original servers. The updates are reliable, secure, fast and most crucial come out on time. 
  • Working PVP – With Clash of Lights, you have access to multi-player battles. That means you can now enjoy to raid opponent bases to get their loot similar to as you did in working servers.

Clash of Light is a private server of strategy game with various interesting features. This mod will help you to access unlimited resources and unlock items at zero cost. Many penniless gamers are already enjoying the top grossing strategy game without much payments and sweating. Download this magnificent game now to have the ultimate gaming experience!

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