Clash of Titans APK- Download| Update 2022

You can download the latest version of Clash of Titans APK from the Given download link. Are you looking forward to a game that is fun to play and visually stunning? Clash of Titans: The Last War is what you should be searching for, as this action-packed game full of amazing graphics is a must-have.
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Actoz Singapore
24 March 2022
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
340.7 MB

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Clash of Titans for Android

Clash of Titans is a free-to-play mobile strategy game for Android. It’s got an appealing, cartoonish look and interface, and it’s easy to get into, with very little in the way of tutorial. The basic idea of this game is to build your own army; attacking, building up different kinds of troops, gathering resources to improve your army and building up levels. There are also different ways to earn money and spend it on new units and buildings which all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

What really makes Clash of Titans special is its detailed approach to economic strategy; while you can do well enough without much consideration of financial matters (you’ll be able to buy more troops than you can train), the game becomes a lot more difficult if you’re not prepared. In this game you’ll be fighting monsters like dragons and trolls, collecting trophies and gold coins needed to buy new weapons, customize your characters and upgrade their skills.

There are plenty of in-game resources that allow you to train new troops and upgrade existing ones, but not all are available at any given time. Some resource types can only be worked by other resource types; others require specific buildings to produce them. You may also be able afford one resource type but not another; it all depends on the state of your economy at any given time.

Clash of Titans APK- Features

  • Over 70 levels with different environments and objectives. You’ll need to solve puzzles and beat monsters to get through them all!
  • our different characters with their own abilities: Ryu Hayabusa, Momiji, Ayane and Rachel. Each character has unique skills, which makes playing this game even more fun!
  • Boss fights against powerful enemies such as Genshin, Issunboushi and Gamaken. You’ll need to use all your wits if you want to defeat these formidable foes!
  • Two modes of play: Story Mode where you play through the story of Ryu Hayabusa as he fights against evil forces; Survival Mode where you have only one life and must survive against endless hordes of enemies!
  • High quality graphics with 3D visual effects
  • Amazing sound system to create a real environment effect
  • Different maps with different game modes and action
  • Free multiplayer game with team strategy
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Multiple languages supported


This game is very similar to Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, but it has a few valuable distinctions that make it worth giving a shot. It’s completely free, for starters, and there are more opportunities to earn rewards without spending money to do so. Clash of Titans also offers an in-app store where you can buy additional spells and items, as well as skins for your characters, which can make them look more powerful or special. Each level requires you to use all of the resources at your disposal and battle your way through the hordes of monsters that are roaming the land.

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