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Cuphead Mobile is a run and gun platform video game developed and published by Studio MDHR. The protagonist of this game is Cuphead who needs to overcome many stages in order to pay the debt to the Devil. He has some weapons to withstand, including one special weapon that he can use for each transformation mode, which makes the gameplay even more interesting. So if you want to play this amazing android game and want to download it right now, then click on the given download link.
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Studio MDHR
04 July 2022

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Cuphead Mobile is an adaptation of the acclaimed action-packed shoot’em up platformer with the signature classic cartoon graphics of Cuphead and Mugman.

Cuphead Mobile for Android

Cuphead Mobile is an adaptation of the acclaimed action-packed shoot’em up platformer with the signature classic cartoon graphics of Cuphead and Mugman. The game comes with a unique, hand-drawn look that was created by StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc., a Canadian animation studio founded by two brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer.

The game plays like a classic run-and-gun shooter before it, but with a twist: you have to collect coins along the way. In fact, it’s not just about getting through each stage as quickly as possible, but also about collecting as many coins as possible.

This mobile version of Cuphead does not deviate from its original version in any way and offers all the same features in terms of gameplay mechanics. The only difference is that it comes with some exclusive features such as playing offline or online multiplayer mode, which makes it more interesting than other titles on the market.

Cuphead Mobile- GamePlay

In Cuphead, players guide the title character and his brother through boss fights, run-and-gun levels, role-playing elements, and a branching level sequence. Cuphead features infinite lives and continues, meaning the player maintains their equipment between deaths. The player can purchase new weapons and special abilities called “Charms” using coins collected during the run-and-gun levels. Player characters have a parry button that can be used on certain objects marked in pink, increasing a “super meter” that enables more powerful attacks.

At the end of each level, the player will be ranked based on their performance, with factors such as time taken to defeat a boss, damage taken/avoided, and number of parried attacks contributing to the grade. The levels are accessible through a top-down perspective overworld with its own secret areas, which can be unlocked through various means. In addition, the game supports two-player local cooperative mode that allows another player to play as Mugman.



  • Cuphead
  • Mugman
  • Ms. Chalice (DLC)
  • Recurring/Supporting
  • Elder Kettle
  • Porkrind
  • The Legendary Chalice
  • King Dice
  • The Devil
  • Chef Saltbaker (DLC)
  • King of Games (DLC)


  • The Root Pack (Sal Spudder, Ollie Bulb, Chauncey Chantenay, Horace Radiche)
  • Goopy Le Grande
  • Hilda Berg
  • Cagney Carnation
  • Ribby and Croaks
  • Baroness Von Bon Bon
  • Djimmi The Great (Cuppet)
  • Beppi The Clown
  • Wally Warbles (Willy Warbles)
  • Grim Matchstick
  • Rumor Honeybottoms (Security Bee)
  • Captain Brineybeard
  • Sally Stageplay
  • Werner Werman (Katzenwagen)
  • Dr. Kahl’s Robot
  • Cala Maria
  •  Phantom Express (Blind Specter, Conductor, Lollipop Ghouls, Head of the Train)
  •  Glumstone The Giant (DLC)
  •  Mortimer Freeze (DLC)
  •  Esther Winchester (DLC)
  • The Howling Aces (DLC)
  •  Moonshine Mob (DLC)
  •  Angel and Demon (DLC)
  •  The Pawns (DLC)
  •  The Knight (DLC)
  •  The Bishop (DLC)
  •  The Rook (DLC)
  •  The Queen (DLC)

List of levels

Run n’ Gun levels

  • Forest Follies
  • Treetop Trouble
  • Funfair Fever
  • Funhouse Frazzle
  • Rugged Ridge
  • Perilous Piers

 Boss levels

  • Botanic Panic!
  • Ruse Of An Ooze
  • Clip Joint Calamity
  • Threatenin’ Zeppelin
  • Floral Fury
  • Sugarland Shimmy
  • Carnival Kerfuffle
  • Pyramid Peril
  • Aviary Action!
  • Fiery Frolic
  • Honeycomb Herald
  •  Shootin N’ Lootin
  •  High Seas Hi-Jinx!
  •  Murine Corps
  •  Junkyard Jive!
  •  Dramatic Fanatic
  •  Railroad Wrath
  •  All Bets Are Off!
  •  One Hell Of A Time
  •  Gnome Way Out (DLC)
  •  Snow Cult Scuffle (DLC)
  •  Bootlegger Boogie (DLC)
  • High-Noon Hoopla (DLC)
  •  Doggone Dogfight (DLC)
  •  A Dish To Die For (DLC)
  •  One Hell Of A Dream (DLC)


Overall, Cuphead Mobile is an interesting game and delightful addition to the run and gun genre. The visuals are charming; the music is unique and upbeat; the gameplay is simple to grasp yet satisfyingly challenging. It’s a game that both casual fans of run-and-gun titles and hardcore enthusiasts will enjoy, though it may not be as long as some RPG or other action games due to its limited levels.

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