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Black Desert Mobile is a story-driven massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG). Black Desert Mobile is an iOS and Android adoption from the MMORPG Black Desert Online. Its desire is to give players the experience of true MMORPG on their android or iOS phone, with several of the same classes, look, and location staying true to the Black Desert Online. You can’t use your character from the PC version, but you can do many similar activities.
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14 June 2022
Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
89.31 MB

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The Black Stones are the origin of power, they are said to have manipulated the minds of the ancients and caused the descend of many significant civilizations. Black Stones are often found in the severe, hostile deserts of Valencia. Calpheonians name this location the Black Desert, while Valencians call it the Red Desert since they think of the rivers of blood that was flowed there. They both claim the desert’s resources as their own. Both are ready to carry war for it.

Your guide through these war-ravaged lands is the Black Spirit, a mysterious being whose fate is interlinked with yours. You will reveal the hidden stories of the primitive through the histories of Calpheon and Valencia, decode lost memories, and the secret of the Black Spirits.

Black Desert Mobile 2022- Main Features

  1. Camp – You can take the help of workers to support you in upgrading, expanding, and decorating your camp. You can engage yourself in a life of pleasure by improving your life skills and managing your own camp.
  2. World Bosses – World bosses frequently appeared in certain locations spot within the game. Each adventurer will have a luck to cease the rampaging damage of the world bosses and earns the rewards. Challenge Kazarka, the Lord of Corruption, in his lair of despair whenever you hear his thunderous roars echoing across the lands.
  3. Customization – Black desert mobile features an easy character customization feature that unable every player to make unique characters of their own. Everything is customizable from general changes like height, build end hairstyles, down to specific details such as eye color, eyebrow length, facial contours, layered hair color and much more.
  4. Combat– Black desert mobile uses the certain modified proprietary engine to enhance the  graphical boundaries and provide exhilarating action with several styles of combat with ARPG style gameplay. You can feel the sensation of battle by trying skill combos that fit your playstyle.

Black Desert Mobile 2022- Main Features

  1. Breathtaking Action– Play as 13 unique classes with high powered skills. Entertain in unparallel, rapid action and combat which is found only on Black Desert Mobile.
  2. Incredible graphics on mobile– Immersive world with sophisticated, high-fidelity graphics that look like they could be from a PC game. You can experience the original quality anywhere you go on mobile.
  3. Express Yourself with Extreme Character Customization– Simple and easy tools that allow you for a high degree of freedom in customization of character. With customization options you can the push the boundaries of gaming and may discover your true self.
  4. An Endless Amount of Content to Create the World– Limitless life content, like taming and fishing, along with your own Camp to manage and expand. To give you company on your adventures trustworthy pets and horses are there to make your game exciting.

Black Desert Mobile Classes

  1. Warrior– The Warrior in Black Desert Mobile uses a longsword as a weapon to kill the enemies in Players vs Environment and Players vs Players.
    • Warrior Skills –
      • Heavy Strike
      • Forward Slash
      • Sword Mastery
      • Chopping Kick
      • Spinning Slash
      • Blade Strike
      • Ground Smash
      • Deep Thrust
      • Shield Charge
      • Take Down
      • Battle Cry
      • Charging Thrust
      • Piercing Spear
      • Apprehend
      • Frenzied Dash
      • Scars of Dusk
    • Overview –
      1. Type – Melee
      2. Role – DPS, Tank
      3. Strength – Shield/Super Armor Effects, Knockback Effects, Balanced damage
  2. Ranger– This class excels in severe damage to the opponent in Players vs Environment and Players vs Players by using long-ranged attacks. They use the longbow weapon to kill the enemy.
    • Overview
      • Type – Long-Ranged
      • Role – DPS
      • Strength – Long-Range Attacks, AoE Attacks
    • Ranger Skills
      • True Shot
      • Spin Kick
      • Bow Mastery
      • Evasion Maneuver
      • Tearing Arrow
      • Blasting Gust
      • Will of the Wind
      • Evasive Explosion Shot
      • Dagger of Protection
      • Razor Wind
      • Spin Blade
      • Spinning Shot
      • Piercing Arrow
      • Call of the Earth
      • Flurry of Arrows
      • Descending Current
  3. Witch– They use the staff to cast magical spells that give damage to the enemies.
    • Overview
      • Type- Ranged Role
      • DPS Strength
      • Crowd Control
      • Decent DPS
    • Witch Skills –
      • Arcane Bolts
      • Fireball Staff Mastery
      • Dagger Stab
      • Frigid Fog
      • Storm of Magic
      • Whirlwind
      • Lightning Storm
      • Entangle
      • Frozen Orb
      • Thunderbolt
      • Healing Aura
      • Magical Embrace
      • Lightning Chain
      • Time Warp
      • Meteor Shower
  4. Giant– Giant uses the AXE to kill down their opponents. They are good in Players vs Environment as well as Players vs Players.
    • Overview
      • Type– Melee Role
      • DPS Strength
      • Crowd Control Skills, AoE ATK
    • Giant Skills: –
      • Storming Beast
      • Headbutt
      • AXE Mastery
      • Weakling Hunt
      • Fierce Strike
      • Frenzied Destroyer
      • Falling Rock
      • Raging Thunder
      • Predatory Hunt
      • Beastly Wind Slash
      • Earthshatter
      • Lava Piercer
      • SmackDown
      • Giant’s Roar
      • Fury of the Beast
      • Fearsome Tyrant
  5. Valkyrie– Valkyrie is a balanced class with satisfactory offensive and defensive skills. They are good at close range battles while supporting allies with powerful buffs and spells.
    • Overview
      • Type– Melee Role
      • DPS Strength– Crowd Control
      • Balanced, Close range
    • Valkyrie Skill
      • Flurry of Kicks
      • Severing Light
      • Sword of the Light
      • Shield Throw
      • Sword of Judgement
      • Shield Chase
      • Sharp Light
      • Glaring Slash
      • Punishment
      • Celestial Spear
      • Radiant Charge
      • Breath of Elion
      • Elion’s Blessing
      • Divine Wrath
      • Radiant Smite
      • Judgment of Light

App Access

They require permission to provide the ultimate services while you use the app.

Required Permission

Photos, Media and Files – It is used to keep files or data related to the gameplay while the game is running and when recording or clicking screenshots.

How to Change Permissions for Black Desert Mobile

  1. For Android 6.0 or higher –
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Then select “Apps”.  
  4. Select “Permission Settings”
  5. Tap on “Permissions”.
  6. Set to “Allow or Deny”.
  7. Below Android 6.0 –

To change settings, upgrade the operating system or delete the app. The app may not give any other options to change permissions itself but can always be changed using this method. If you deny permission for required access, it could obstruct resources or make you unable to login to the game.

If your operating system is lower than the Android 6.0 version, then you cannot change permission settings for individual apps. We recommend you to upgrade it to 6.0 or higher.

Pros and Cons of Black Desert Mobile

  1. Pros –
    • Great visuals look.
    • Fast paced combat.
    • Fishing, gathering, crafting, and other non-combat activities.
    • Boss battles & other group content.
  2. Cons –
    • Some play-to-win elements.
    • Heavy Auto combat.

Your journey into the Black Desert waits for you. Download the game now to have the ultimate gaming experience.

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