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FMWhatsApp Messenger is the kind of Android app that is having the power to completely transform your experience of using WhatsApp. Among all the social networking or messaging apps out there, WhatsApp is the one that everyone simply loves. There are billions of people across the world that are using this app on a daily basis. It has become more like a necessity for each one out there as it helps us to stay connected with everyone. Even though WhatsApp is already having a huge set of features and it keeps updating them every now and then, but you must have experienced that there are a lot of features that the users wish to have in their WhatsApp. Now you cannot keep waiting for WhatsApp to add those customizations as it won’t add them because there are a lot of things that go against its policy. This is the reason why a lot of app developers out there have created mod apps. You must have come across a lot of such apps and here we are introducing you guys to another amazing one that is FMWhatsApp.
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Fouad Mokdad
19 June 2022
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
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FMWhatsApp for Android

The developers of this app have added some really exciting features which are not there in the original version. Here you will be able to add a personal touch to your WhatsApp as it provides you with huge customization options. You will be able to change the theme of the app along with a lot of other amazing features. FMWhatsApp is not available on the official play store as it is not an original app but as it has been developed especially for android devices so you can download it directly on your device from the link that we have provided here.

FMWhatsApp 2022- Main Features

Before downloading, you must want to know the features that this app provides you. Here is a list of features which are there in FMWhatsApp –

  1. Amazing Customization – The best and the most important thing about FMWhatsApp is that it offers huge customization options to users. This is going to completely change the appearance of the app. Here are all the things that you guys will get in the customization option –
    • Theme – Theme is something that is having the power to completely transform your visual experience of using the app. You will be able to change that old and boring WhatsApp theme into a completely new one. There are dozens of interesting themes available with this app.
    • Change Icons – Not only the theme, but you will also be able to personalise the icons of your WhatsApp. There are a lot of amazing graphics and colours that are available for graphics which makes the app highly interesting and attractive.
  2. Enhanced Privacy – Privacy is something that plays an important role and people who are using WhatsApp are looking to have some enhanced privacy features which the official app does not offer. FMWhatsApp offers you some really amazing privacy features, some of them are –
    • Hide Last Seen – Here you will be able to hide your last seen easily and still be able to view others last seen. This is the feature that most people have been looking since along.
    • Hide Ticks – Another amazing thing is that you will be able to easily hide both double as well as blue tick so that no one will be able to know whether you have seen their message or not.
    • Deactivate Video Calls – It gets quite irritating when people keep video calling you unnecessarily. FMWhatsApp has solved this problem for you guys as here you will have the ability to deactivate the video calls whenever you want and vice versa.
    • App Lock– It also offers you an amazing feature to lock the app which does not come with the original app. Now every time the app is opened, it will ask for a password, this way no one will be able to have access to your account until and unless they don’t have a password.
  3. Send Messages to Unsaved Contacts – This is one of the most required features that people have been looking for in WhatsApp but the original app does not seem to introduce it. Here you will be able to send messages to anyone without even saving their contact number.
  4. Pin Chats – Although this is not a new feature as the original app is already having this feature. However, there you are able to pin only up to three chats which are not enough. FMWhatsApp got this covered for you as here you will be able to pin up to 100 chats. So now you will be able to pin all those chats that are important for you and you do not want to keep scrolling down every time you want to send them something.
  5. Increased Limits – WhatsApp groups are something that keeps a lot of people connected in one place. A lot of people also use this feature for official purposes like they add all their teammates in one group so that it gets easy to communicate or share something. Now when it comes to the group limit, the original app allows you to add up to 250 people in one group. However, with FMWhatsApp, this limit has been increased to 500 people which means you will be able to interact with 500 people at the same time.
  6. Group Limit– Not only the group limit, but it has also increased the number of photos that you can share at a time. In the original version of WhatsApp, you are allowed to share only 30 photos and videos at a time. This limit has been extended by FMWhatsApp as here you will be able to share up to 60 photos and videos at a time with any recipient.
  7. Similar User Interface – In order to make the handy and useful for everyone, there is a need to have an extremely user-friendly interface. This is because people simply do not want to get engaged in any kind of technicalities or difficulties while using the app. The developer of FMWhatsApp has kept this thing in mind and this is the reason why the original like interface has been used in this one. You are not going to see any major change in the interface other than the interesting theme. The major purpose of this app is to make WhatsApp highly interesting and attractive for its users and it works absolutely great in that.

These were some of the amazing features that this modified version of WhatsApp has to offer you. It is meant to completely transform your experience of using WhatsApp.

Steps to Download FMWhatsApp (Anti-Ban) APK

Now you must be wondering that how you can download and use this app. Here we are going to give you proper steps to do that –

  1. Here your first step will be to take the backup from your original WhatsApp as you are required to delete that. Once you have taken the complete backup, you can delete the original one.
  2. Now the next step is to download FMWhatsApp on your android device. You can download it from the link that we have provided here but before that you need to allow the unknown sources from the settings of your app. This is because it is not an official app and hence you cannot download it without allowing the unknown sources option.
  3. Once you have allowed downloads from unknown sources, FMWhatsApp will be downloaded to your device in no time. It will take a very less space on your device so you need not to worry about your device’s storage.
  4. Now as it has been downloaded successfully on your device, your next step is to install it. Open the downloaded file and enter the required information.
  5. After you have entered the complete details it has asked for, you will see that it will ask you to restore the backup which you did from the original app. You need to allow it to download the backup so that you do not loose any of your chats or important data. Once the backup restoration process is complete, the app will be successfully installed on to your device and you can easily use it like you used the original one but with much better visual experience.

This was all about FMWhatsApp but the users are going to experience a lot more than this once they start using the app. It is not a regular modified app and once you start using it, there is no going back. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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