Toca Life World MOD APK- Download| Latest Update 2022


Toca Life World is one of the popular sandbox games. You can create storylines, make characters and even build your own exciting world. Initially, you have access to 8 locations and 39 characters. You have option to purchase 500 characters, 100 locations and 500 pets. With Toca Life World, you can enjoy all these cool things for free. What you have to do is just install the Toca Life World from the link given here. And you are good to enjoy all premium features for free.
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19 June 2022
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
477 MB

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Toca Life World- Overview

Imagine how children play in a garden. They dig the garden with their hands in the sand and tries to create a few characters or toys, and make their sandbox world without a clear aim or objective in mind. The sandbox is an attractive genre of video games known as sandbox games that increase open play and freedom. One such amazing sandbox game is Toca Life World.

Features of Toca Life World Modified

  1. No ads – The best part of this app is that all the ads have been removed. By using this version of the game, you will skip all disturbing ads and can continue playing without any interruptions. Know you don’t  have to worry about any pop-ups or something like that you can just enjoy your game.
  2. Unlimited cash – With unlimited in-game currency, Gamers will be able to get everything whatever they wish for like all characters, buildings, drinks, food items and much more. They are not required to spend any real money to buy these items with our Toca Life World Modified version.
  3. Free mode – In Free Mode, you also have a chance to play as a swimming penguin and various other characters or animals. Dive into the game world to enjoy these characters in their daily lives.
  4. Undo and Redo option – For all gamers, it is one of the most needed features. Undo and Redo option is perfect for an adventure game as anyone can make a mistake anytime. But with this feature they will be able to redo it. You can instantly take actions to correct your step and start doing it from the beginning.
  5. Enjoy new characters and locations – Gamers can be the architect of their world to create a city then increase its size as much they wanted. They can also beautify their unique buildings.

How you can Install Toca Life World Modiefied APK

It is very easy and simple to download this APK. Here is your guide to install Toca Life World for Android –

  • Download the Toca Life World APK from the given link.
  • Turn on the “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” options.
  • Install the downloaded file easily.
  • Open the installed app to explore fantastic world.

This game includes all crazy stuff to enjoy you can create your own world, make storylines and build characters. Many gamers have enjoyed cool features like 500 characters, 100 locations and 500 pets for free. So why don’t you? Download the app now to have the ultimate gaming experience!

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