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The Fire Emblem series is one of Nintendo’s most beloved RPG franchises, and Fire Emblem Heroes is an exciting and addictive mobile game that anyone can play. With its gorgeous anime visuals and compelling story, Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the best Android games from Nintendo.
4.4/5 Votes: 187
Nintendo Co. Ltd.
07 June 2022
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
66.37 MB

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Fire Emblem Heroes for Android

If you’ve ever played a Fire Emblem game, I’m sure it’s no surprise to see Nintendo’s latest release. If you’ve never played the series before, you are in for a treat. Fire Emblem Heroes is a surprisingly deep strategy-RPG — like most of its predecessors — that can be played on the go. There’s plenty to do and new content to unlock, ensuring there’s always an incentive to keep playing.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a must-play game for anyone curious about the strategy-RPG genre, or simply anyone who is a fan of Nintendo. Despite being free to play, Fire Emblem Heroes offers enough content and strategic depth to keep even the most hardcore players coming back for more.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a fun and accessible game that has all the hallmarks of a solid, well-designed mobile title. It doesn’t do anything to reinvent the wheel, but it does deliver on its promise of short play sessions, strategic turn-based gameplay, and engaging combat encounters. And for Fire Emblem fans, it’s another way to scratch that itch until the next release. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into this strategy RPG series or have been a longtime fan, you should find something in Heroes to enjoy.

Fire Emblem Heroes- Main Features

  • This “strategy-RPG” (strategic role-playing game) uses simple touchscreen controls that make it easy to build an army, level up your heroes, then bring them into battle.
  • It’s a free download—no strings attached!
  • Players control teams of up to four characters (“Heroes”) from the Fire Emblem universe and use their unique abilities to fight against enemy armies.
  • Heroes are divided into four main categories: “Infantry”, “Cavalry”, “Armored”, and “Myrmidon” (swordfighters), and each of these types has its own strengths and weaknesses on the attack.
  • Orbs is the currency of this game to purchase new heroes.


Fire Emblem Heroes is a must-download for anyone who has ever been interested in the series, even if you’ve never played before. If you enjoy strategy-RPGs and want to try something different from the usual Final Fantasies and Disneys, this game will appeal to you. It offers a highly accessible experience to fans of Fire Emblem and newcomers alike, but with the added benefit of not requiring strong familiarity with the series.


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