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Geometry Dash is a highly entertaining and addicting side-scrolling game similar to the popular title, Flappy Bird. Geometry Dash will entertain you with hours of insane levels that will keep you bouncing off walls and chasing high scores. Survive as long as possible to gain access to new levels, new worlds, a new soundtrack, and even new players! See what all the fuss is about in the newest Android Game. So, if you want to download the latest updated version of Geometry Dash right now, then click on the given link.
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Robtop Games
05 June 2022
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16) and up
55.4 MB

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Geometry Dash Game for Android

Geometry Dash is a free, side-scrolling mobile game that has you running, jumping, and flying through dangerous obstacles. The goal of the game is to complete all of the levels before you run out of time or die. The game is pretty simple at first glance. You have to use your finger to tap on the screen in order to jump over the obstacles in your way. However, if you want to beat all of the levels, you’ll need to use some careful planning and strategy.

The game starts off with a few simple levels that are easy enough for anyone to complete. But as you progress through the levels, they get harder and harder until they require you to use your brain in order to beat them. At this point, it becomes less about how fast you can tap on your phone and more about how smartly you can plan out each move ahead of time.

Is Geometry Dash Safe to Play?

There are no reports of any kind of security breach or virus being associated with the use of this app. However, some users have complained about ads popping up while playing the game which can be annoying at times but shouldn’t cause any major problems for most people who play it regularly.

Features of Geometry Dash Android Game:

Below are some exciting features of Geometry Dash Android Game that you will really enjoy after playing it:

  1. Simple gameplay – In this game, there is a simple gameplay where you have to touch on the screen to make your character jump from one platform to another without falling down or hitting any obstacle on the way.
  2. Challenging Levels – In each level there are different challenges that will make you think before jumping on them. So it’s important that you should be careful while playing these levels because some levels are very difficult than others.
  3. Different Characters – There are various characters available in this game which can be unlocked by completing certain levels successfully. These characters include Robot, Space Ship, Flying Pig etc. You can also customize them according to your choice by choosing different colors for them and different shapes for their heads etc.
  4. High-quality graphics – The graphics used in this game are high-quality which makes it more attractive and appealing for gamers who love playing such types of games with amazing graphics like me!
  5. Beat The Levels In The Default Mode – You can also play these levels in the default mode by using only one character but it will be harder for you to pass these levels. You can also create your own maps with the help of this game’s editor and you can share them with other players too. With every level you pass, you get points which can be used for buying new characters and customizing them according to your wish.
  6. Hundreds Of Unique Levels – There are more than 200 unique levels in this game which will keep you entertained for hours at a time without getting bored at any point of time whatsoever.
  7. Customization – This feature allows the user to customize their character according to their liking or choice so that they can show off their skills and creativity among their friends and family members by creating unique characters for themselves. So overall this feature is really cool!
  8. Secret Levels – There are secret levels available in this game which are very difficult to complete. These levels require special skills or strategies to pass through them.


Geometry Dash is very easy to learn, but the game has great variety and quickly becomes quite challenging. Geometry Dash has a lot of great levels, in which progressively getting harder as you go. In some cases it is really difficult to get three stars on all levels. The music and sound effects that accompany the game contribute to a very fun and dynamic atmosphere of Geometry Dash.

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