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If you want to take your document to the next level, then cloud-based Google Docs Android App is an excellent way to make the leap. It's easy, completely accessible and allows you to work with confidence knowing that your words are backed up and safe in the cloud. So, If you want to download the latest updated version of Google Docs APK right now, then click on the given download link.
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28 July 2022
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Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24) and Up

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Google Docs for Android

Google Docs App is a free app that allows you to create and edit documents on your mobile device. The app has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to use. You can create documents with this app, but the real power comes when you start editing them. If you want to make a quick change to a document, you can use the “Quick Access” feature to find the section of the document you need. This feature allows you to quickly jump from one part of your document to another without having to scroll through pages and pages of text.

The app also has built-in spell checker and grammar checker features. These features will help make sure that your document is error free before sharing it with others.

Google Docs App is a great tool for those who need an easy way to create or edit documents on their mobile devices. Google Docs gives you several options for creating documents:

  • You can choose from preformatted templates (such as business plans or resumes). Then type in the text boxes provided by the template.
  • You can start with a blank document and then add text boxes where needed (for example, if you want to include bullet points in an outline).
  • You can also upload existing files from your computer or other cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive; when uploading files from your computer, you can choose which file types are supported (documents written in Microsoft Word will be supported but not PDFs).

Google Docs- Main Features

  • Create text and edit documents- You can create text and edit documents in Google Docs on your mobile device. You can also add tables, images and more to your document.
  • View your documents on the go- You can view all of your documents that are saved on Google Drive in this app. This includes word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. You can also open any other file that resides in Google Drive through this app.
  • Share your documents with others- You can share your documents with others by sending them an email or SMS message containing a link to the document or by directly sharing the document itself with another user who has access to it on Google Drive. You can also share multiple people at once if you want them to collaborate on a project together, which is perfect for working with teams!


Google Docs is great for students- whether you’re writing a report or editing it. If you work remotely a lot like us, then Google Docs will save you and your employer time and money. It’s completely free, easy to use and effective for most jobs. The only downside is that you can’t save as Microsoft Word files all the time, but you can save as PDF files if you email yourself. Overall, Google Docs is practical and useful for mobile users who need to write down ideas in quick chunks of time.


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