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It is a Ruby Game Studio production released in September 2019. It is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. This game is great because of its simplicity and fast pace. You are not just killing people, but you are given challenges to defeat. Each level unlocks new weapons for your assassin. After each kill, you will get a gem like a diamond that will help you unlock assassins faster. Your character moves around in the shadows, and you must strategically time your attacks to take out your targets without getting noticed by their allies.
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Ruby Game Studio
21 February 2022
Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
50 MB

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Hunter Assassin for Android

With such a vast number of games that are available for users of all ages, there are inevitably a number of games that are designed to be addicting. The type of game that people can’t stop playing, even if they know they should be getting on with something else. But when it comes to online and mobile gaming there are certain games that stand out from the crowd; games like Hunter Assassin – an addicting game of skill where you put your patience and thinking skills to the test in order to successfully assassinate your enemies.

Hunter Assassin is an action-packed, challenging game of skill that will test your reactions and push you to your physical and mental limits. It’s the best way to improve your patience and thinking skills. The graphics of this app are simple, and you can see that a lot of work went into making sure the visuals were up to par. Beyond the graphics, you will find a ton of great features within this app that you won’t find elsewhere.

Hunter Assassin- Features

  • It is a fun and challenging game of skills.
  • Each level presents you with a new challenge, as you must figure out how to get close enough to your target in order to kill them. 
  • Collect gems after each kill of your target, it will help you boost the assassins.
  • Shadows and other things will help you stay hidden and decide your target.
  • Graphics are simple and perfect.
  • It’s an offline single-player game.


All in all, Hunter Assassin is a fun game that challenges you to use your skills and patience in order to collect points in this unique way. The different environments are entertaining and colourful, and the difficulty of each level poses a great challenge, making it addicting as you try to beat your previous score. Overall, Hunter Assassin is an entertaining game with a lot of potentials. I think fans of skill games will enjoy this title and look forward to future development.

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