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Have you ever wanted peace of mind when it comes to rooting your Android device? Do you also want a nice interface to manage different aspects of the files you need while rooting? If so, you should give Magisk a try. So, if you want to download the latest updated Magisk Manager APK right now, click on the given download link.
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Magisk Manager
25 July 2022
10.7 MB
Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19) and up

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Magisk Manager for Android

Magisk Manager is a systemless root tool that allows us to install and manage root-only modules. It can also help us return our device to a non-rooted state at any time. This will be helpful, for example, if an app we have installed becomes inaccessible once our device has been rooted. To make the most of this app, you’ll need to unlock your phone’s bootloader and install SuperSU. It requires a certain amount of technical knowledge about how an OS works, but it’s definitely not designed with beginners in mind.

Magisk Manager also includes other useful features like hiding root from apps or OTA updates, which means you can use many apps that don’t work with rooted devices. The Magisk Manager app also allows you to hide the root status of your device from other apps, such as Pokemon GO or Pokemon Radar, which forces them to run normally on your device even though it’s rooted. You can also hide root from SafetyNet checks so that apps like Android Pay work on your device without any issues.

What is Magisk Hide?

The Magisk Hide option allows us to hide our root status from various Android apps. For example, if you are using a banking app or any other app that requires root access, then it can detect the presence of the systemless framework and block you from accessing its services due to security concerns.

Benefits of Magisk Manager App

There are many benefits of using Magisk Manager for rooting your device, but the main one is that you can hide root access from other applications like banking apps or games which are not compatible with rooted devices. These apps may stop working if they detect that your device is rooted, so you can use Magisk Manager to hide root from these apps and enjoy their features without any issues. Other benefits include:

  • Privacy: You can keep your privacy by hiding all the traces of root access from apps like Facebook or Instagram etc., so that no one else knows about it. This helps you to keep yourself safe from hackers and other threats online
  • Security: Hiding root access makes sure that no one can hack into your system, even if they have managed to gain physical access to your phone. As long as you have enabled this feature, your device will be secure from attacks by hackers who might try to interfere with its internal processes.
  • Performance: Root access is not always needed for performance enhancement. In fact, sometimes it is better not to use this feature if it means compromising battery life or other aspects of the user experience on the device. However, there are some apps that require root access in order to function properly and provide users with the best possible experience on their phones.
  • Better Battery Life: If you are not using root, the battery life is better than what it would be in case you were running it all the time.
  • Magisk Hide: This feature allows you to hide the root from applications such as banking apps, Pokemon GO and other games where rooting could be detected.
  • Universal Systemless Interface: This feature allows you to run all your favorite root apps without needing a custom ROM or kernel.
  • Modules Support: With this feature, you can enable many additional features such as Google Pixel NavBar Color option, Samsung Debloater, OnePlus OOS debloater, Pixel 2 Launcher etc…
  • Boot Animation Support: With this feature, you can install boot animation themes for your device through Magisk Manager itself instead of having to rely on third-party tools like Flashify or TWRP


As of this writing, Magisk Manager is the best tool for rooted Android users. For those who don’t require root access on a daily basis, it can be better to have true systemless root as opposed to any other systemless root solution. For advanced users, you may want to check out every systemless root solution on the market and test them out. But for the average user looking for a simple way to root their phone, may be best off using Magisk Manager.

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