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PayPal is a global leader in digital payments and is a subsidiary of eBay. PayPal offers personal and business accounts designed to help you make payments without sharing financial information. So, if you want to download the latest updated PayPal APK right now, click on the given download link.
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PayPal Mobile
28 July 2022
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Android 6.0 and up

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PayPal is an electronic payment system that allows us to quickly and effortlessly send or receive money from anywhere in the world. You can send your friends some money for a birthday gift, pay for a magazine subscription, or even transfer some cash to your savings account. The PayPal app for Android is an easy way to send or receive money through PayPal on your Android phone. Now let us talk about this app in detail.

PayPal for Android

The PayPal Android app makes it easy to send money, search for local shops and restaurants, and keep track of your account – all from the palm of your hand. Send money to friends and family using just a phone number or email address. Request money with a tap from almost anywhere you have internet access.

PayPal is accepted at millions of online stores around the world. Shop with confidence knowing that you can pay with your PayPal balance or account – no need for a credit card. Check out without creating an account by simply entering your name, email address, shipping address, and payment amount before confirming the order (you’ll still need to sign in to complete the transaction).

Keep track of your PayPal account balance anytime, anywhere – even when you’re offline!

PayPal APK- Main Features

Here are some of the important features that make PayPal App so great:

  • Security– All transactions on PayPal are encrypted, meaning your information is safe. You can also use 2-factor authentication on your account to increase security even more.
  • Reliability– PayPal has been operating for over 20 years and has over 200 million active users worldwide, making it one of the most trusted online payment platforms available today.
  • Convenience– With just a few clicks you can transfer money between accounts or send it as gifts — all without needing any extra information besides your email address or phone number! This makes it really easy to send money quickly when you need it most.*
  • Ease of use– Consumers are often cautious about purchasing online. PayPal helps build a sense of trust and security with your customers, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.
  • Cost-effective– The costs associated with using PayPal are relatively low and they don’t affect your bottom line.
  • Protection against fraud and identity theft= PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy protects against fraud related to unauthorized payments and items not received. It also insulates you from customers who try to reverse charges after receiving their order.
  • Shipping integration= For small business owners, PayPal is convenient because it integrates with many popular shipping services so you can print labels directly from your account.
  • Customer service- Although you may not have much interaction with their customer service, Paypal provides support via phone and email, even on weekends! They also have extensive online help sections and FAQs if you have any questions about using your account.

Is Paypal Available in Canada

Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods in the United States and Canada, but not all online merchants accept Paypal as a payment option. Paypal can be used to pay for almost anything you’ll find online, including products, services, subscriptions and donations. You can also use Paypal to send money to friends and family for free.


So far there is no competitor available and many customers do not know that PayPal has a mobile app. If it will be made known more people will start using it and there will be less need to go to ATM machines when they need cash right away. PayPal provides its Users with one of the easiest ways of getting money into the bank account and if you have ever used PayPal, you probably noticed that you can use it for practically everything, only in some places it’s not accepted offline. This is how online payments are becoming more popular nowadays. In conclusion, PayPal Android Application is considered as one of the best Mobile Apps which every business should have in their portfolio.

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