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Project IGI is one of the popular first-person action shooting games. The game offers several amazing missions. The story revolves around a skilled agent Jones, whose main goal is to catch Josef Priboi to bring out information about a stolen nuclear warhead. To achieve this goal you are required to go through several locations, missions and jobs. When you complete a mission, a new mission get unlocked.
4.8/5 Votes: 128
Eidos Interactive
25 November 2021
Windows 7
179 MB

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Project IGI game includes interesting and realistic sounds and graphics. The game features a great storyline, amazing gameplay, several characters, a wide range of weapons, multiple equipments, and much more. Download this super cool game right now from the link given here to enjoy all these amazing features.   

Features of Project IGI

  • Missions– To achieve the objective of this action game you have go through several locations and missions. Various missions include –
    • Trainyard
    • SAM Base
    • Military Airbase
    • GOD
    • Radar Base
    • Get Priboi
    • Border Crossing
    • Re-Supply
    • Missile Trainyard
    • Defend Priboi
    • Eagle’s Nest I
    • Eagle’s Nest II
    • Nuclear Infiltration
    • Finding the Bomb
  • Gameplay– It is a single-player action game which comes with 14 tough, complex and large missions. The missions are divided into several small goals. You can neither start your game from the point where you die nor you can save the game in the middle of any mission. If you die in the middle of any mission you have to start from the beginning. Overall the game is entertaining and environments are very compelling by blending military fights with attentive sneaking.
  • Storyline– The story is informed at the start and end of every mission through in-engine cutscenes which are visually fascinating. Missions appear to be more realistic, David Jones is one-man skilled agent. He uses binoculars to scout the area, sneak around security cameras, hack computers to deactivate surveillance systems, and much more.
  • Characters– There are various characters in the game as –
    • David Llewellyn Jones is skilled agent for Project IGI and a former British Special Air Service operator. You will control him as the main character of this action game.
    • Anya is the mission and contact director at the headquarters who guides Jones through radio. She appears in the final mission to defuse the bomb.
    • Jach Priboi is a soviet Arms Dealer.
    • Josef Priboi is Jach’s Nephew.
    • Ekk is a brutal Russian woman who plans to destroy Europe by nuclear warfare.
    • Captain Harrison is a commander of allied troops, which helps Jones in few missions, and is also an ex-Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces.
  • Plot– The action game aims to prevent terrorism. You are given a mission to bring back a nuclear warhead, which was stolen by the enemy. The game starts in a discreet location in a Soviet Union from where you are required to bring out critical information. You need to protect a person who is being held at Estonia’s military field from torture and death.
  • Weapons– In this action shooter game, you have access to wide range of weapons like –
    • Pistols – Desert Eagle, Makarov, SOCOM, G-17 SD, Colt Anaconda, Glock 17, Combat Knife. 
    • Shotguns – SPAS-12, M1014, Jackhammer.
    • Submachine Guns– Uzi, MP5A3, MAC-10, Type 64, MP5SD3, SMG-2.
    • Assault Rifles– M16A2, AUG, G11, AK-47, G36.
    • Sniper Rifles– SVD Dragunov, M82A1, M82A1-T, PSG-1, PSG-1SD.
    • Heavy Weapons– M2HB, RPG-7, FN Minimi, LAW 80.
    • Explosives– Hand Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang, Proximity Mine, C4
  • Equipment– You can also use various equipment’s like –
    • Special– Laser Cutter, Medical syringe, Laser designator. 
    • Passive– Map Computers, Binoculars, Thermal Goggles.  

Many action game fans are already enjoying this amazing game. So, why don’t you? Download this thrilling action game right now!

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