Samsung Good Lock APK- Download | Latest Version 2022

Along with dealing in outstanding smartphones and electronic devices, Samsung also comes up with several applications as well. The brand has developed many applications till date and one of the most famous and amazing one is Samsung Good Lock. Good Lock could be seen as an amazing customization app for all the Samsung smartphone users out there. Any person with Samsung Galaxy store in their phone can easily download this app on their device.
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07 November 2021
Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
2.55 MB

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Samsung Good Lock for Android

Samsung Good Lock is an app that has been developed with the main aim of helping people to customize their smartphones as per their choice. There are a lot of customization options that will change the theme and complete appearance of your smartphone. The users will be able to personalise their lock screen as per their preference. Your status bar will be customised to a very great extent to give you the best experience.

Samsung Good Lock 2021 APK- Main Features

Here are some of the modules of Samsung Good Lock and their features:

  • LockStar– You can guess the function of this module through its name only. LockStar is basically for the lock screen of your phone and it is going to customise for your comfort and preference. It also offers an auto-layout feature which will automatically adjust everything by moving stuff here and there.
  • Quickstart– Another module is QuickStar which is specially for notifications and quick settings of your phone. The users will be able to easily add or remove icons from the status bar. Along with this, you will be able to directly open the quick settings menu without opening the notification bar.
  • Clockface– Clockface is specially meant to change your on-display clock, the way you want. It provides a lot of customization options through which you can change the clock of your phone easily. All the customised clocks will be available in the My Clock category.
  • MultiStar– This module has been specially designed to customise the multi-window experience for the users. It also helps the users to hide the navigation bar which gives a better experience to the users.
  • NavStar– NavStar is specially meant for the navigation bar of your smartphone. You will be able to completely change the appearance of your phone’s navigation bar easily with this module. You will also be able to manage the swipe gesture to enhance the experience even more.
  • Home Up– Through Home Up, you will be able to customise the share menu of your smartphone. You can add on all the apps that you want easily and remove the ones that are unnecessary. This is also going to create a lot more space for other apps.
  • NotiStar– NotiStar has been specially developed to filter notifications of different apps. You can stop receiving notifications from those apps that you don’t want.
  • Keys Cafe– Key Cafe is for the keyboard of your device and the users will be able to change the layout to different options available with this module.
  • Pentastic– Pentastic is the module that has been developed for S Pen and the users are going to get a couple of extra options with this module. This gives a better experience of using the S Pen to the customers.

There are several other modules as well that the users will experience in this app. It is a must to have one for all the Galaxy smartphone users out there. It will completely transform the experience if using a smartphone.

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