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Shadow Fight 3 APK is an action game with RPG elements set in a fantasy world. Shadow Fight 3 is the latest in the Shadow Fight series, featuring a new story mode and tons of new content. You'll be able to fight using weapons, martial arts and magic as you progress through the story. So if you want to download the latest updated Shadow Fight 3 APK right now, then click on the given download link.
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12 August 2022
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Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) and Up

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The world’s best fighting game is back with a new chapter to fit the next generation of action games! The fight continues on Android!

Shadow Fight 3 for Android

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game that lets you customize your character and fight against other opponents. You can be a knight, ninja or street fighter, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Enjoy the attack and keep fighting until the final battle comes! Shadow Fight 3 is available for download for free. In this game, you will be able to choose your character from several different options: knights, ninjas, and even street fighters. You can then customize your hero by choosing his name, appearance, weapons and other things.

There are many modes in this game such as the story mode where you follow the storyline of the game; survival mode where you have to fight against enemies until they are all defeated; duel mode where you can challenge another player; tournament mode where you have to defeat all opponents in order to win; and many others more!

As soon as you start playing Shadow Fight 3 online (or offline), it’s easy to see how much work has been put into creating this game! The graphics are fantastic and the music is amazing too! The gameplay is smooth but challenging at times especially if you’re not used to playing these types of games online or offline before! Now let us talk about the features of this game in detail.

Features of Shadow Fight 3

  • CREATE AN EPIC HERO– If you’re looking for a crazy fighting game, Black Ninja, Honor of the Knight, or Samurai Strike is the one for you. You can choose who your hero will be from different classes, including a ninja, honourable knight, and skilled samurai. Earn unique skins by winning battles and customize your equipment colours to create a unique look.
  • WIN HERO BATTLES– Battle your way through the 3 clans in this action game, each of which has its own fighting style. Customize your hero’s combat style by mixing and matching actions from all 3 clans. The strength of shadow energy can be used to give you a boost in battle.
  • COMPLETE THE STORY– Warriors around the world await the emergence of a hero who will deliver justice and bring an end to their struggle with the forces of darkness. Choose your clan to influence the storyline, defeat powerful bosses to challenge your nemesis, and explore other worlds and travel back in time to learn new details of the story.
  • SHOW OFF YOUR SKILL– Even if you’ve won the main battle in a fighting game, you keep fighting other players’ characters controlled by artificial intelligence. Compete against the strongest players to take a place at the TOP-100 leaderboard and become a legend of your region!
  • COLLECT SETS– Collect a variety of weapons and armour to experiment with in battle and look cool while duelling. After collecting a full set of equipment, you get unique abilities that make it easier to defeat your opponents.
  • PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS– Fight in special events where you can win rare RPG skins. In the battles that follow, you will fight new enemies and learn much about the world of Shadow Fight.
  • ENJOY THE GRAPHICS– Colorful scenery and realistic combat animations give mobile games a sense of realism rivaling console games.


Is Shadow Fight 3 right for you? The answer to that depends largely upon your tastes and preferences. It’s a game with a high level of difficulty, no doubt. But if you enjoy battling demon ninjas in dark temples, then perhaps it’s worth checking out.


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